How was the "seat of Moses" established?

In Mathew 23, Jesus tells the people to observe all that the Scribes and Pharisees tell them because they sit on the seat of Moses, but not what they do.

Where does this teaching come from? That they sit in the seat and had this possition. How was it given to Israel?


Here’s a good article about the “seat of Moses” or “chair of Moses”, and what it meant.

Of course, our bishops today also hold a “seat” (cathedra, sedes, or see) of authoritative teaching.

That’s where I am going with this. Learning what similarities there are and what differences.


So in some way, it is established by Oral Tradition?

I like how the office of the Pope is put:
The Covenant overseen by the subsequent “Chair of Peter”

I did not read the article but it seems pretty clear that Moses was placed into a position of being judge over Israel and that there elders appointed among the tribes who were surrogates of Moses’ authority. This passed to Joshua and the other judges ending with Samuel whom the people rejected in asking for a king. However we see Solomon acting in the same manner by the wisdom given him by God.

Later the prophets take up this role except that they are more in the fashion of the prosecuting bring God’s warning of judgement against the people.

Jesus however is our ultimate judge and is the One who came in the power and authority like that given to Moses. That is, like Moses, Jesus adjudicated the Law itself and spoke on God’s authority to interpret for the people. When Jesus ascended He gave this authority to the Apostles who appointed deacons/elders to serve the Table as they preached. This led to the establishing of bishops under the Apostolic authority.

So yes I would think there is great similarity between Moses and the judges and the bishops under the authority of Christ which of course eventually led to the primacy of the Holy See.

God Bless

Obviously its not some wooden chair that Moses use to sit on, but its the authority to teach the people what Moses taught, which the Scribes were responsible for.

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