How was your day, dear?


This thread is for those little comments about who had the worst day.

DH spent the whole day serving carnival foods, including cotton candy, at the school festival and came home just now longing for a shower, because he has to go back for 5:00 Mass as a lector. The water has been shut off all afternoon because they are doing sewer work on our street.

I looked forward to getting a lot done at work, catching up on registrations and other record-keeping and budget chores, but my computer is down and the techie is not available until after Thanksgiving.

anybody else want to compete?


After receiving a great deal of criticism on several fronts over the last two days, I got a “joke” e-mail that nearly gave me a heart attack.

I’d like to go lie down and just have my nervous breakdown in peace, but I have to prepare a 45 minute talk to give to a group of very nice Protestant ladies tomorrow morning (which means that I should probably go to Mass tonight, so that I’m not rushing around too much tomorrow), the people who were supposed to be helping me put it together aren’t available, and I have a lot of research to do.

(Winging it mode ON, it’s looking like, at this point. :stuck_out_tongue: )


I just spend 6-1/2 hours under a football field sized room of “computer floor” testing smoke detectors… all 85 of them… the only light from the two LEDs in the “headlamp” strapped to my forehead. (Dangit… should’ve hit that men’s room when the urge hit me…)

Yup, spent my day on my belly crawling like a reptile, blowing aerosol smoke into electronic cones, with a crack to the noggin waiting in any direction. (there’s only 18" of space between the concrete and “floor”).


You spent 6-1/2 hours under the floor…WOW…what’s the strangest thing that you found down there? The strangest things that we ever found were a tampon still in its wrapper (???) and a french fry…


Yeah, I doubt too many people can top this one.

My day’s been pretty good. Ask me again on Wednesday. That’s when I expect to get back both exams that I took last week.



Last Friday was my 40th birthday.

I’ve had the world’s worst cold and sinus infection for a week, coughing up a lung and using about 3 entire boxes of kleenex.

It snowed 2 inches on my birthday

My presents were late being delivered.

My friends have just started remembering that they forgot my birthday.


Depression has a way of redefining “bad day”. About a month ago, I was so depressed that I honestly felt that if I died, my kids would be the only ones who would miss me a year later.

Let’s just say that this is one competition I don’t want to be in the position to “win” again. :o


At least you didn’t wake up to a giant sign on your front lawn reading “Lordy, lordy, 1ke’s FORTY!” (Mom still hasn’t forgiven my uncle for that one.) I hope you’re feeling better. If it’s any consolation, last year my in-laws remembered my birthday about a month and a half late; this year they didn’t even bother. :frowning:


Mostly congealed spilt coffee (leaked through the “floor”), and the leavings of past “floor divers” on the annual test…

1/2 roll of "Tums"
Foil “punch through” card of cough drops
2 screwdrivers
Countless spider webs & egg sacs (still got the “crawlies”)
3 billion metal shavings… of which 1.5 million I’m picking out of my festering elbows…

Oh yeah… all in the duty of certifying a fire alarm system for it’s annual!


Oh eww eww eww…now I’ve got the crawlies by proxy…
Now I’m sure no one can top this.


OH, YUCK!! :eek: :nope:

You definitely win.

My bad day is nothing but a memory, now - my talk went really well yesterday, and ten people said nice things to/about me. :slight_smile:


well the water got turned back on so we were able to take showers before Sunday Mass, but the dryer is broke so I did not want to wash our clothes yet. The clothes we wore for the cotton candy booth are crawling with ants and the dryer guy won’t be here until Wednesday (another day off work waiting). I feel weird carrying ant-y clothes to the laundromat. I left the basket outside in the driveway. If I get lucky maybe the same person who stole DH’s golf clubs off his cart last week will steal the dirty laundry.


Yeah, and I’m somewhat arachnophobic - my step-dad got nailed by a brown recluse and had a hunk of his calf/leg-meat removed as a result!

Well, I don’t feel so bad, at least I was able to take a shower (a LOOOONNNNGGGG) one when I got home… luckily no hitchhikers :smiley: . Actually it was like being “Danny, tunnel king” in the movie Great Escape.

You’re in Texas! What about just stringing a line and hanging your wash to dry??
(I still have dreams about crawling into the line-dried sheets my G-moms did…neither had clothes dryers until the late '70’s… and we lived in Illinois)


wind. dust. constant. also not allowed in most RV parks and srs. complexes where we live. besides the golfers are so bad here their balls would tear up my laundry.


On election day my toddler was very fussy with a cold and didn’t take a proper nap, my husband and I were both feeling sick, we found out that my husband will probably have to retake a horrible exam he spent hundreds of hours (getting up 2 hours early every day and using all his free time at home after work and on weekends) and dollars preparing for, hubby spent 2.5 hours in line at the poll and only came back around 8:30 pm, and I chipped a molar eating SOUP for dinner–a real freak thing to happen since there wasn’t anything hard in the soup. Now that molar is constantly scratching up against my tongue and inflaming my tastebuds. And on top of it, the elections went poorly after all. I really felt like we were part of some intercession for something, and we just offered it all up to Jesus for whatever purpose He had of giving us a day like that.


Well you asked…

Last Thursday I got a call that my laparoscopy scheduled for Friday morning was rejected by the insurance. I paid $6,100 by check Friday morning and after the surgery was told that my tubes, ovaries, uterus, bowel, and numerous other parts were adhered together with scar tissue which will need to be removed via laparatomy provided the insurance will mercifully agree that it needs to be done. I do not have the $20,000 that it would cost for us to pay for that. Have been told I have no chance of conceiving without having second surgery and had previously decided to quit trying in April- surgeon is booked through March. Wouldn’t worry about infertility at this point but am having near constant diarrhea which I think is caused by the adhesions and I would prefer to be able to leave my home occasionally.

Husband has moved to Philadelphia, I am in Nebraska, because we are foster parents and had hoped to adopt. This morning was told after listening to 30 minutes of complete B.S. this morning that our foster baby will be returning before Christmas to her bio-mother and bio-mom’s husband who have a history of abusing and neglecting children and themselves.

This Christmas will be two years since my original due date for my one baby which I lost and provided our foster baby leaves, I will then be picking up and leaving my nice home, family and friends to live in a shabby apartment with rented furniture until we can recover our now spent surgery money to buy a house.



I’m so sorry to hear it - that’s really awful. I am sending you a ((((hug)))). :frowning:


My bad day has been about 48 hours of suck.

I’m pretty sure I’m in the middle of losing my best friend and I am trying so hard to not let the depression come back (it’s been just about a year since my last bad bout).



Here is my bad day last Saturday.

It had been one week since knee surgery and on Saturday I was finally able to move around fairly well on one crutch. My knee is weak but improving. Just the day before, the doctor gave me the bad news that I will need to have a series of operations in a effort to delay getting a knee replacement for as long as possible. Oh joy! More sugery. That is what I spent Saturday thinkg about.

So, feeling a bit disappointed, I got ready for bed on Saturday night. I took a bad step and both twisted and inverted the ankle on the same leg I had the knee surgery on. The doctor in the emergency room told me that I tore and separated several ligaments and tendons. I found out today that I will porobably need surgery to fix this, but that will not be confirmed until tomorrow or the next day. Either way, I am looking at several months of rehabilitaion. Not to mention messing up the rehab schedule for my knee.

Bathing with a cast is, well, awkward and only minimally effective.

I have a fair bit of constant pain; it hurts to put any weight on it and it hurts to hold it up, it hurts to touch it, it hurts if is not supported (do you see some contradictions there?) I have a cast on for now and it is a real hassle getting dressed and so on. Do you know how hard it is to carry anything when you have to use crutches?

To make matters worse, I am recently divorced (July this year) and live alone. My son is in town and is happy to help his dad, but he is tied up with college.

I am learning a new skill. Offering my suffering to God.


Well, we had a cruddy WEEK.

We’re planning a family reunion trip to Iowa this week and just found out that BIL and sis can no longer go with us because her boss is a…well, I won’t say it. Let’s just say he wasn’t nice about it; it’s a long, long story.

Then DH went to work on his big truck to get ready to sell it for a much needed $4500 only to find out that he had a massive oil leak. How did he find out? He went to crank up the truck and now his engine is seized up. So, the whole thing’s a piece of trash now. :frowning:

We wanted to move and found the most perfect house in the most perfect location, only to find out that the day we discovered it was the day someone else closed on it. Aaagh!

And why did we want to move? Because last week, we had two drive by shootings!!! in our neighborhood two houses down from us. The police just arrested two people from that house a few days ago so hopefully things will be resolved. I know one of them got 15 years. This neighborhood has always been great, but you get ONE person who moves in and brings the whole thing down. She’s been here for 4 months and thus far we’ve had cops there 7 times, an ambulance there twice, and “situations” almost every weekend. Since the shootings things have definitely quieted down. I hope she moves. :frowning:

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