How was your Palm Sunday Mass?


I had to serve this morning, and it was very beautiful. I love singing the triumphal “All Glory, Laud, and Honor”. I love Matthew’s account of the Passion and singing “Jesus, Remember Me” acapella at the end. How was your Mass?


It was great. I love the red vestments the priest wears. It was nice seeing all the palm branches waving too.


I was in the CHOIR and we sang some contemporary worship
songs, like we always do at the noon Mass! The priest was so
impressed he asked us to sing again on Easter Sunday, after
we sing at the Vigil on Saturday!


Great Mass! We have a new priest who is very meticulous (in a good way) about the liturgy and the conduct of the laity who assist. The Palm Sunday mass was superb, in my opinion.


beautiful. My priest always celebrates a reverant Mass, Palm Sunday or otherwise. :slight_smile:


It was very interesting. It was my first Palm Sunday mass since I was 8 years old, and my first ever at a modern Catholic church. When I walked in I was very confused by exactly what the reeds meant, and regretting not having done some research on what Palm Sunday actually was. However, by the end of mass, I was able to grasp the idea of it all.

It was a very solemn mass. I was expecting that, but also not quite expecting that. When I had attended Palm Sunday mass as a child…well, the entire thing was in Latin. I never really had any idea what was going on, especially since I was rather poorly catechized. This one was a pretty powerful experience.


Sunday’s Mass was all right. It suffered from an acute lack of planning, but everything turned out fine in the end.

The one on Saturday evening was fantastic, though. Very edifying. :thumbsup:


packed to the gills. Hispanic Mass. I was 1 of about 10 anglos there. HA! Loved it. I just don’t understand why more Spanish folks won’t receive the Body and Blood?


I think its because they havent to confession for awhile or they just shy of being infront of the congregation.


Mine was great! Since my family and I are on vacation, we ended up going to St. Joseph’s in Harrisburg, PA. What a beautiful church! So many statues, stained glass windows, and enchanting designs. The organ player was awesome, and the priest sung very well. In general, the air was very solemn, which I loved.


It is really nice for once to read a thread where people actually have good things to say about something done in their church. It gets so depressing sometimes to read all the complaints, mostly over non-essentials. Good job folks.

Our Mass was also very nice and the readers and Father did a nice job.


Kind of like my “pet peeve” thread. :o


It was beautiful and thought-provoking. The seven-page long Gospel reading was well-read by the readers and Father and very touching. It seemed that the entire congregation was energized and enthusiastic. I wonder if the Day of Confession last week helped prepare a lot of us for Holy Week (confessions were held in many parishes, including ours, all day).

One of the microphones kept popping. My husband was ushering, and he thinks that when the priest blessed the palms by sprinkling holy water, the water may have hit the mike and made it pop. So now I’m relieved that our priest didn’t electrocute himself! :eek:


Welcome back !!!

The liturgical year is full of deep and powerful experiences such as this. Keep coming back, be open, and be ready to have your socks blown off!

Just wait until Easter Vigil !


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