How we help Syrian people


I just want to know that how we can help Syrian peoples, we have to save the children Syria. they are futures of Syria.


Stop supporting ISIS and the “free” “Syrian” army there by ending the war. Or we could invade and kill another 500,000 people like America did in Iraq.



Focus your energy closer to home. There’s probably someone within 1 mile of your house in need of help. Help them.


We can help them through prayer of course.


Caritas International.


Yemen is going through a famine right now; we should think of them too. Just research the news, “Yemen famine”.


A very interesting documentary called the ‘White Helmets’ had me in tears. The pain and suffering in Aleppo was disturbing and heartbreaking…pulling babies from under rubble. The magic of internet in one way allows us to give what we can, to put our money per se where out mouths are. I agree though, watching Russian planes literally bombing innocent civilian territory was unnerving.


You can donate to the Catholic Near Eastern Welfare Association, and earmark your donation to be sent to Syria.



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