How Well Do You Know Your Baltimore Catechism?

Don’t worry. It’s only a quiz…


Your results for this quiz have been calculated and are presented below:
You are a 82% traditional Catholic!

Fantastic! You have achieved mastery over most of the important doctrines of the Catholic faith! How did you managage to educate yourself so well?:eek:
Because I was the class clown.

A Sunday school teacher asked the children just before she dismissed them to go to church, “And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?”

Annie replied, “Because people are sleeping.”

Truthfully, I studied the VATII Documents instead, and skipped the Baltimore? catechism.


And I’ve never read the Baltimore Catechism. :slight_smile: Well, parts of it.

I have a leather bound copy of it. It’s called “My Catholic Faith” and I use it as a Catechism teaching supplement. (with permission of the priest, of course). It only took a little convincing. :wink:

Another 100%

I was actually surprised I got a perfect score. I am a post-Vatican II Catholic who never read the Baltimore Catechism, and I attend a Novus Ordo parish. I do own and study the current Catechism.

Well, there ya go! the teachings of the Church don’t change. :slight_smile:


98%…I wish it would have stated the ones I missed:(


94% :o I’ve never read the baltimore catechism, but I guess the elementary years of catholic schooling stuck with me.:slight_smile:

I am a post-Vatican II Catholic as well and attend the Novus Ordo Mass; I do however like the TLM and encourage other Catholics to at least attend enough to experience the same Mass that many of the Church’s great saints have experienced.

I agree. I’ve been to the TLM a few times and actually purchased a 1962 Missal to use when I choose to attend one. My mother still has her Baltimore Catechism No. 3(I think–it’s the Confirmation one from the 8th grade). I will have to check it out some time.

This hysterical typo in the test gave me fits of laughter!

To be fruitful and multiply, to love your enemies, to pray, to go to Church, to be nice to others,to respect the dead,** to help the poot**, to not say anything controversial.

And all this time we thought Christ said “the poor”!


I was kind of surprised that I got a 100%

and on the subject of poot…I looked it up with the answers addon for firefox, and anyways, here is what I got:
Poot! was an adult British comic from the 1980s billed as “Probably Britain’s silliest comic”. The comic is similar to Viz, although is largely forgotten. It is considered to be a copycat of Viz, being more chidish and lacking in Viz’s surreal satire, and printed on glossy paper with primary colours.

Kind of funny:D


This is simply ridiculous. I got 100%, and I am not a Catholic yet. Just a 62 year old RCIA Candidate being taught along side the Catecumans. If this test is to be believed, I know more then my RCIA instructers. :eek:

What’s sad is: YOU DO!!!

The lady in charge of RCIA at my parish is a great woman,but she’s a product of being a religious sister that got kicked out in the 60’s (for what, who knows, but my theory is it has something to do with her then boyfriend, and now husband of 40 years - not a bad thing, but not necessarily a good thing either…).

The RICA was set up, I believe, to relieve overworked priests, and the Church realized there wouldn’t be enough of them anyway to instruct converts in the Faith, so they let 60 year old ladies take over the job, unfortunately, 60 year old ladies today were in their 20’s back in the “hippy-era” late 60’s, and it shows…what to do, what to do?

Standardized testing? Hey, I should start a new thread, asking people what they think about standardized testing to be baptized! I think I will! See you there!

Hah! I always knew I was a 100% traditional Catholic. You’ll have to share the title now.:wink:

hey hey :slight_smile:


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