How were you baptized?


What method were you baptized with? Infusion(pouring), immersion(dunking), or sprinkling?

I believe they do immersion in my parish. I will be finding out this Easter :slight_smile:


I was baptized by infusion(pouring), and with the trinitarian form (“I baptize you in the Namd of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”)
But, i was baptized as a baby, so I don’t remember much of it!


I was 4 years old and remember it. I had already been going to church a while yet didn’t quite know what was going on. Pretty sure the water was poured on my head over the baptismal font. I even remember the priest Fr. Peter. He was still at another local Scalabrini parish as of about 10 years ago when I saw him walking by and yelled “Hello Father!” I believe he’s since retired to Italy.


I was baptized in the Episcopal church at 16 via pouring. I later converted.


Sprinkling. It was great for us kids.

But they (the cetechumens) seem to enjoy the emmersion, the changing of their black attire to white, during our Easter Baptism. But boy, how long the mass was.


Sprinkling. Both times.


I was baptized with three immersions using the Byzantine baptismal formula: “The servant of God, Zechariah, is baptized in the name of the Father. Amen. And of the Son. Amen. And of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”


I was baptized Reformed-ish, immersed three times, for each Person of the Trinity.


By pouring, in the Lutheran church.


I was 10 when I was baptized. I was too big to fit in the baptismal font, so Priest had this blue kiddie pool he used for the baptisms of children/adults. I was baptized by Infusion, and the only reason I remember that is because you had to stand/kneel 3 times in a row, and on the third time standing, the water went over and into my eyes, preventing me from seeing my feet which then went out from under me, and I almost cracked my head open on the marble floor below. :o What a day! :slight_smile:


You would have died a saint! :D:D


I had much the same experience, over the British side of the Pond way back in 1946.


I was baptized with the Infusion/Trinitarian form.


Too young to remember…i Will have to ask my parents.


Bucket of water …but I wouldnt fit… only jokin…lol


I don’t remember, since I was a baby, but I imagine by pouring and trinitarian.


Affusion (pouring). That’s what Mom says, anyway: I don’t remember, as I was only three days old at the time.


I was Baptized by immersion in a Baptist Church.


I was immersed. Pouring and sprinkling are both no-no’s. The word for baptism in the scripture means “to be immersed” :tsktsk: :bigyikes:


That is way off from Church teaching. The Church teaches pouring is very much acceptable. It has always taught this.

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