How were your parish's Masses for the Solemnity of Christ the King?

Ours were beautiful. They actually used incense and made it really nice. The hymns were great as well. How were the Masses at your parish?

Beautiful, but they always are. The priest always uses incense at our traditional Latin mass and we have an outstanding choir and altar servers. :highprayer::highprayer:

Very nice, thank you :slight_smile:

We attended Mass at our local Passionist Retreat Center, Christ the King. It was a very nice celebration.

Ours is a Cathedral and a parish of the Archdiocese where the Archbishop resides. However, this Sunday, Solemnity of Christ the King, it was the Archbishop’s visit to the parish and in conjunction with the anniversary of the Cathedral. Ordinarily this is supposed to be a big event but since the Archbishop stays here and regularly celebrates the mass his official visit may not seem to be very significant to some parishioners. We thus decided to have only one mass that day so that everybody could come. We set up LCD screens in the parish hall and the weekday chapel in anticipation of a huge crowd.

It was rather disappointing then when the crowd was no bigger than the usual 9 o’clock Sunday mass. We found out that many parishioners just simply go to another churches in the city perhaps wanting to avoid the expected large crowd. As it turned out the crowd was very much smaller than we expected; the weekday chapel and the parish hall were hardly occupied.

Perhaps that’s the life of the church. You prepare a banquet but few would come. You set up chairs and prepare food but much is laid to waste. :shrug:

Though the picture is not very cheery, anyway we had lunch with the Archbishop and the con-celebrant priests after the mass. There was about more than two hundred church leaders present and had warm fellowship with the Archbishop nevertheless.

Incense at ours, too (ordinary form).


One of the better ones, I would say, at St Viator in Las Vegas…Love the readings…esp. Colossians…no incense though…

what is the difference beteween “ordinary” form and “extraordinary” form?

The Extraordinary Form (also called the TLM, for Traditional Latin Mass or Tridentine Latin Mass) is the pre-1962 Latin Mass. The Ordinary Form (also called the Mass of Paul VI or the Novus Ordo) is the form of the Mass that you’re accustomed to, and it can be said in any approved language (including Latin, actually, though this is rare). For further basic information, see Wikipedia: Mass of Paul VI, Tridentine Mass.

Awful! Our new pastor decided to discuss the parish finances instead of a good homily.

Other than singing “To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King” as the Entrance Hymn, it was same old, same old.

Celebrant vested in a “Our Lady of Guadelupe” chasuble. Homily on how we will all be welcomed home by God who loves us all just as the good thief was. No mention that the good thief recognized his sinfulness; no mention of the need to repent and confess. Then they wonder why no one goes to confession.

Ours was fine. The verse from Collosians always blows me away: 1:17 …“in him all things hold together.” Since we were created “ex nihilo” if he stops holding us together we have a huge problem, i.e., we go back to our essential components, which is nihilo.

“To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King” was sung as the recessional.
Otherwise, just the usual OCP pop slop.
No incense, no Latin, nothing else out of the ordinary.

The Mass itself is always good, the celebration can vary.

Our pastor is new, and I don’t want to be critical. But there wasn’t the pomp and circumstance I would have really liked to have had, since it is our parish’s patronal feast as well. Some incense would’ve been nice.

But, one must keep these things in perspective and be thankful to have a good parish, a good pastor, and to live in a country where (at least so far) we still have freedom of religion…:bowdown2::signofcross:

As long as we’re on the Liturgical Year, a blessed First Sunday of Advent to all next Sunday.:slight_smile:

Wasn’t even mentioned. I had to Google it in order to find out what day it was. But then again, there was a baptism…so the homily revolved around that. Now we’re in Advent (or at least will be by the end of the week)?


We sang the Gloria in Latin and the choir sang several hymns in Latin during Communion. (This was at a regular N.O. Mass, not TLM.) We also sung the Our Father and some of the other responses, but in English, not Latin.

We’ll beging Advent on Sunday, November 28.

That’s sad that the Feast of Christ the King wasn’t even mentioned.

Also the calendars would be different. The EF Calendar celebrated Christ the King 3 Sundays ago.

Our EF Christ the King was a High Mass with Benediction, sung Gregorian chant. all the “bells & Whistles”

Yesterday’s OF Christ the King was nice but a no frills Mass. Choir did a good job of the standard fare. No chant. Only the Kyrie was traditional.

Sometimes you just have to shrug…

We used incense!!! The most I have ever seen in 20 years of my parish :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

The recessional song was, “Soon and Very Soon, We are Going to See the King,” sung at 1/2 the normal speed. :o

and…the Crucifer wore off-white fishnet stockings :eek:

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