How widespread corruption is hurting Kenya


NICK SCHIFRIN: The problem extends far beyond athletics. There’s a saying here: Kenya is the homeland of the bribe. And in the mostly Muslim neighborhood of Eastleigh, Nairobi, the victims of those bribes point their finger at one perpetrator.

ABDULLAHI MOHAMED, Kenya: If you look at the police who are meant to protect them, they just arrest them to extort cash . . .

NICK SCHIFRIN: The wealth gap here makes the corruption more egregious. According to one study, Kenyans pay on average 16 bribes every month. And in a city where the bus fare is less than a dollar a ride, members of Parliament here makes 188 times the average salary, which is the equivalent of a member of the U.S. Congress making $8.5 million every year . . .

MAN: The Eurobond money had been misused.

MAN: We are in the middle of a great con game.

NICK SCHIFRIN: What’s missing?

ALEX OWINO, Whistle-Blower: Nine hundred and ninety-nine U.S. dollars.

NICK SCHIFRIN: So, $999 million are missing?

ALEX OWINO: I would prefer the word unaccounted for.

Wow! That’s pretty corrupt!

I always thought Kenya was one of the better governed nations in the continent of Africa but I was mistaken.


Some years ago, the then Britain’s high commissioner to Kenya, Sir Edward Clay, was so fed up with the extent of corruption in the country, especially as we had all expected zero tolerance to corruption under that particular regime, that he threw diplomacy to the winds and, in a speech to the British Business Association of Kenya he let loose his tongue:

“We never expected corruption to be vanquished overnight, We hoped it would not be rammed in our faces. But it has … They may expect we shall not see, or notice, or will forgive them a bit of gluttony, but they can hardly expect us not to care when their gluttony causes them to vomit all over our shoes.” !
How we loved it!:slight_smile:
Every so often, we hear of mega scandals and corrupt, get rich quick schemes.
The book , "It’s Our Turn to Eat " by Michela Wrong is quite an eye opener to the kind of high level corruption people get away with here.:sad_yes:
Here is a review


Widespread corruption is hurting the US, also.


Id say the US is FAR Far more corrupt than any other nation, the only thing is, here its more secretive and hidden than other countries.

Big companies and industries determine much of what becomes law in the US, money is number one, constitution comes in second if at all.


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