How will a devout Catholic handle the job as President of the US?

If a devout Catholic became President of the United States, how will he go about being President while following God’s Law?

There may be some actions such as:

  • Abolition of abortion
  • Contraceptives are illegal

But won’t such actions spark a major outrage from the public? How should he go about it? Should he let it remain for the time being but slowly work towards its eventual illegalization (is this even a word? lol)?

It would seem to be difficult to be a devout Catholic and the President at the same time

EDIT: Okay, let’s assume the President has absolute power and needs no approval from the Supreme Court and Congress.

That’s not something a President can do on their own.

  1. More outrage than we currently have? Doubtful.

  2. Catholics don’t believe that everything that is a sin should be illegal.

  3. American government has 3 branches so none of those things would happen as a sole result of a Catholic president.


What makes the president a “devout Catholic”?


As we see, law has very low deterrent effect. Far better to teach, than to legislate morality. The human heart is the source of all evil, and once taught the moral way, and the reasoning behind that way, has a much greater chance of living it out.


A wild eyed atheist type - would assassinate him -

Imagine if a satanist got in - and started calling the shots !


Exactly. Presidents of the United States do not rule by fiat.


Normally I don’t get involved with wildly hypothetical questions, but I’m breaking this abstention long enough to say that I seriously doubt that a devout Catholic could be elected to the presidency. He would have to say too many truthful things during that the campaign that would alienate masses of voters.



A devout Catholic would never get elected because even liberals within the Church would not vote for him. lol Just look at the negative reaction to pro life President Trump from liberals.


I agree with most that he/she would not be elected.

I do think they would make great efforts to protect the unborn, the poor, religious liberty, the immigrant, the prisoner. In short his/her policy would reflect the dignity of human life and God given freedoms.

As to how they go about it, those things can vary widely based on beliefs about taxation, and the role and purpose of government.

I do not believe they would support a contraceptives ban for all Americans. That’s best left to cultural change rather than policy. Perhaps the President would lead by example on that subject.


Most of the negative reaction to Trump has very little, if anything, to do with him being against abortion.


LOTS of prayer, LOTS of Divine Intervention and the CONSTANT presence of the Holy Spirit.


Taking the hypothetical scenario that the President has absolute power and needs no approval from Supreme Court and Congress.

I absolutely believe a devout Catholic can be elected. That is why I supported Mike Maturen and the American Solidarity Party in the last election.

Yep. No matter how much modern Presidents wish they did. That pesky Construction always gets in the way…

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I can’t believe that no one has mentioned nuclear weapons.


I can’t imagine a catholic doing anything accept resigning. But maybe that’s my pessimism shinning through.

I panicked as I left the polling booth about if I did it properly. He is the first write-in candidate I’ve ever voted for. What if some of us gave him a middle initial and some of us didn’t? Will the machine know it’s the same guy?

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I think a common reaction to this sort of hypothesis is that such a President would suddenly become Jesus in the White House. But as an ordinary human being, a devout Catholic would be duty bound to maintain all the freedoms that the Constitution guarantees and uphold the law until any undesirable laws can be changed. If he were given absolute power then we can assume that corruption would result in short order and that all his personal views would become enforceable edicts. Theocracies have never meant happiness or peace.

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Let’s say one who follows the laws of the Church 100% and isn’t lukewarm

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