How will First Communicants receive in your Parish?

Since were in the flow of 1st Communion season, how will First Communicants receive the Sacred Host in your Parish? Or how have they in the past?
I have put four options: Kneeling on the tongue
Kneeling in the hand
Standing on the tongue
Standing in the hand

I recently saw a Mass from a very modern Cathedral where drums, guitars, “altar girls” and Communion in the hand are rife, but what pleasantly surprised me is how the Priest distributed the Sacred Host to the 1st Communicants on the tongue, whilst kneeling. Absolutely brilliant!

So what will happen, or has happened, in your Parish?

Many Thanks

Your poll didn’t allow multiple responses. Our FHC students are taught to receive both in the hand and on the tongue. There is usually a mix of the two at our FHC Masses. We don’t have a set up that allows for easy distribution when kneeling. As far as I have ever seen, all received FHC standing.

150 this weekend…


Prostrated on back, in hand.

This year, our 1st communicants received from the priest standing, on the tongue after intinction of the host in the Precious Blood.

Us too.

Standing, either in hand or on tongue based on the communicants’ personal choice as allowed in the Latin Rite of the Church in the USA. X

Another “vote” for multiple.They are taught they have a choice and I have seen all four “mixes”.

In our parish, children receiving First Holy Communion receive standing, on the tongue, by intinction. One priest holds the chalice and the other priest intincts the Host into it and places it on the child’s tongue. Patens are always used to prevent drips. After the children have received, everyone else comes forward and receives in the normal manner (not intinction). Most of our parishioners receive on the tongue, and a small but increasing number will kneel to receive.

“Standing on the tongue”

That’s gotta hurt!

Communion is recieved as an intincted Host, on the tounge ( as commanded by Liturgal Law in the case of intinction) , generally while kneeling at the Communion Rail (the communicant is allowed to stand if they wish)

FYI, Kneeling is also a personal choice as allowed in USA

There are some people we all know who talk nonstop, and they could probably do pushups with their tongue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Allowed or not, I don’t think any first communicant in my parish are selfish enough to bring attention to themselves by dropping to their knees in that situation.

Standing? No. Kneeling? No. First communicants are usually cradled in their mom’s arms :wink:

Glad I wasn’t the only one to think this:D

If we were having First Communion this year they would be receiving standing and in the hand since that’s all they are taught. I think in the entire parish only 2 people receive on the tongue - both elderly, one standing, one genuflecting because he can’t kneel.

We have no Catholic schools so parents have to enroll their children for sacramental preparation. This year the invitation was made but not one family signed up so no child in our parish will make his/her First Communion this year.

I can’t help but get the feeling that your parish is severely mangled in many ways. I mean that in a piteous way, not to give offense.

Ya think?? No regular confession, no religious education beyond sacramental preparation, pastors who over the last 9 years have not wanted to be pastors but strictly sacrament dispensers, and one who didn’t particularly want to do that, etc., etc.

The pastor who will take over this summer has his job cut out for him. The first and most difficult will be informing those who’ve been running the parish for the last 4 years that he’s now the one who will be in charge because he’s the one who answers to the Bishop. The last one ignored the Bishop’s recommendation on the set-up he’d implemented.

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