How will I know if I am being Called?

Hello All,

I was not raised Catholic, I became Catholic at the age of 26, I am now 45. When I was close to 30 I was having serious thoughts of entering the seminary, I was also reluctant to do so as I wanted to get married and have children. As is I did get married, but my wife did not tell me she never wanted children. She kept coming up with excuses on why we could not at the time, need to finish school, needed to be in a house, needed to have an established career, etc. When we both hit 40 she came out with “we are too old to have kids now”.

I give this brief history mainly because even while we were married, I still had thoughts of entering the seminary. Now at the age of 45 I am beginning to believe that God has always been calling me to server him completely, and that it was his will that brought my wife and I together for the purpose of removing any doubts that I may have had as a younger man: as in did I make the right decision in not have a family. Those doubts are now all but gone and I find myself being more drawn to Jesus our Lord. I find myself regretting not serving God sooner.

I have discussed my feelings with my Priest and he suggests that I talk further with a Vocation director – which I will. But I was also wondering are there other avenues of information that I can turn to that will help me discuss this with my family, as one half of my family is Jewish and the other half is Catholic or non-denominational?

Tks. Robert

Are you still married? Or did you get an annulment?

Have you ever thought about becoming a permanent deacon? The vocations director could also help to see if your bishop would allow a dispensation for you to become a priest even if you are married.

St. John Vianny, pray for Robert.

Not that this is in any way a suggestion, but I would think that since one of you entered into the marriage with no intention of being open to God’s will for children, that the Church would consider the marriage to be null? Someone can correct me if I am wrong.

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