How will the world look after the Pandemic?

What do people think?

Some thoughts to get started :


Very different.

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The ideal scenario: people value family and community over individualism and more people spend their increased free time in understanding God.

The practical scenario: an increase in nihilism, a greater disbelief in a higher power (see: effects of World War II and the Holocaust* on individual religious values), and no solid return to family and communal values

*I’m not comparing COVID-19 to WW2/The Holocaust, but in terms of a rapid, unprecedented terror that will wipe out a good chunk of the world’s population that is clearly an evil, it will probably lead to a generational shift that is more skeptical of spiritualism and religiosity like what happened to many people after that horrible, horrible time


Economic depression.

The government now has it in its head that they can “make” us stay home.


I have read a lot on the internet about a coming Second Great Depression.

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one world currency very soon imo.

Hopefully, we’ll all be kinder and gentler.


We need to pay close attention to China. I did not realize how prominent the
Chinese were in Northern Italy. I had heard they now are investing in Africa.
The Muslim countries should be very afraid of China. What if this was a test by
China to see how the rest of the world responded to the pandemic and what happened to our economies. I would not put it beyond a communist government
to sacrifice some of their citizens to put in place something like this.

When President Trump says we are at war, maybe he means more than the
pandemic. Maybe he means China. Would Russia be in on it too. I don’t know
how many cases arw in Russia.


I also noticed that those three commentators touched their faces A LOT! Just saying …

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That’s interesting, and probably more likely than some of us think.

I was discussing this with one of my cousins recently, and she thinks this whole pandemic thing was a set up by China. I wouldn’t put them above it, at all. If you look at the world pandemic map, you’ll see that there are almost no cases in Russia. WHY?

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I have a co-worker who’s been going on and on about it.
In the long term, our society will eventually right itself. But i expect it to be rough in the short term.

One of my bosses (I have a few side-gigs going), sent us a panicked email about how it’s our responsibility to have child care because there’s been a lot of call outs. This is a home health agency.
Only here’s the problem—these women had child care lined up. Either kiddos were in school or they were in day care. But now we have schools and daycare closed. All the grandma’s are senior citizens. And we’re supposed to do social distancing.

I have a couple friends who own their own business, and have done well, but they’re “non-essential” (ie photographer, decorator, etc). They’re really scared right now because there’s no end in sight.

The economy won’t simply “bounce back”. It will come back, but it’s gonna hurt in the mean time.


I have relatives who think the economy will crash.

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I also think this will make employers re-think their staffing.
All the work-from-home people should really be striving to show how essential they are right now.
DH has projects and tangible, concrete things he has to turn in, and they’re doing Skype and zoom meetings. But it’s all too easy to mosey down to the kitchen for snacks or check in what the kiddos are doing.


A re-centering or re-balancing of peoples beliefs, ideas and priorities regarding the meaning of life.


Is that a happy birthday cake I see??? Well, happy birthday!!! Hope you had a great day… social distancing…of course…

Stock market will take off.

I am wondering if people will still be cautious about closeness or if there will be a great hunger for it.

As an introvert I don’t mind it. No parties, no meetings, no big social gatherings,

Stock market definitely took off today – up 2100 points on the Dow.



It may sound morbid but I think once daily deaths stop increasing it will be a turning point in the market also.

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People often talk of end of the world scenarios.

I honestly think it will be a virus that will wipe out most of humanity.

As for your question. I think some countries may have a hard time bouncing back economically. Worst case scenario there will be an economic depression and relatively large scale unemployment compared to before, and also the possibility of war due to instability. Of course the main issue is that our generation would have lost a lot of our loved ones.

It will be a different world, but hopefully one that’s more awake to our responsibility to each-other and with less individualistic attitudes.

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I have been hearing the same thing.

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