How will this work


As I posted in my post a few min ago, my hubby is non denominational. I think I am ready to get invovled with church and god. My husband is not.

How do marriages work with one person having god in their heart and the other not?


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Go and talk with a Priest at your local Catholic Church. They can give you details and talk about your specific marital situation.

In general: If one spouse wants to become Catholic and the other does not, there is no requirement for the non-believing spouse to convert. If you want the children to become Catholic, you must promise to raise them, to the best of your ability, in the faith.

What you may very well find down the road is that you will become a source of strength and inspiration for him and lead him to the Church as well.

I pray God guides you on your journey. Come back and post if you have more questions or concerns and let us know how it is going.


Let’s look at it logically. If you start out with a marriage with neither person having God in the heart, and you move to one person having God, that’s a big improvement. Your growth in faith should make you a happier, better wife, which may, in turn, inspire your husband to investigate God for himself. Surely you would be praying for that to happen. Even if it does not happen for a long time, or at all, your faith and prayers can only do good for him.



Thanks so much… your reply made me feel alot better


It really depends on the people involved. My Uncle didn’t do a lot of church going during his life, but he married a Catholic woman- my Aunt-in-law, who is my sponsor in RCIA now. I thought he had converted when he married her, but apparently it took him 13 years to decide to join the church, and it didn’t impede my cousins being raised in the faith (and raised well I might add, my cousins are good kids). I didn’t ask, but I’m sure my Aunt prayed a lot about it. So it’s not an impossible obstacle to overcome. He did however, attend Mass with them that whole time, so it might be a little harder if your husband decides not to go to church with you. It sends a bad message to kids… I know because my Dad never went to church with us and still doesn’t go, and how come I had to go if he didn’t have to? But anything is possible with God :thumbsup:

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