How wo we make a web page link show a picture?



I found that when posting links to other people’s web pages that attractive pictures and brief explanations were included.

For example make a link to

BUT, links to my web page did not include these features.

See changes to my html code that only initially work at

I have found that the solution above works initially on my display,
But later the picture disappears.

How do I fix it ?

Through trial and lots of error, I have found adding the following to the top of the html code causes the desired effect. Replace Capital Bold letters with small case letters of appropriate to your own web page.

I do not know HTML. I just try by trial and error.
Sometimes more of the latter. Lol.
Stripping out another’s HTML and restructuring it for your own page could result in unintended results. Save your old page by another document name as a safety net before making changes so you can go back to original if needed. Check your new page with various browsers to see the final results.

Thanks for any help.


If these are your own sites, they should be placed on your profile, not on the general pages.


Yes, I am referring to my own pages.
I am using Microsoft Frontpage 2003.
I do Not understand what you mean by placing them on my profile.




test 2


test 3


test 4








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