How wou YOU respond to this?


When the “Reformers” Abandoned the Eucharist
THIS QUOTE FROM “Chris Magazine” is intentionally taken out of CONTEXT of the authors articles message by [PJM]

“The Church provided nothing but an outside series of demands that kept the soul from directly communicating with God. Basically, there was just “me and God.” That relationship was the only one that mattered in the spiritual life, which, in essence, was simple and earnest. The invention of a complex set of laws and rites was an accretion, a deviation from Christ’s intention.” End Quotes


I don’t think the mystics would say this.

But the Church is visible as the Incarnation was visible. We are a united body, not individuals but one body.
The Church provides knowledge and correct interpretation, and provides the Sacraments.


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By a “united Body” what exactly do you mean?

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I mean a body that is one, as the Lord is One.

United under God.


I need proof of this assertion.


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