How would a non-Catholic find a Catholic counselor?


Hi all. I am new here and this forum has been very educating and enlightening, thank you all very much. I am a non-Catholic Christian, single mom, 46, engaged to a Catholic.

I have some issues that I need to work through before we get married, and some of them involve questions that I would feel more comfortable asking a Catholic counselor. I know I will need to go through the annulment process and I am scared but okay with that, but there is other stuff on my heart that I need to deal with before we marry.

Should I just call his church and ask the secretary or the priest? Or is there some other preferred way to find a counselor?


You can call the parish office-- sometimes they maintain a referral list. Look up Catholic Charities in your phone book, they might also be a referral source.

You can also check out these websites:


or call the diocesan office of Family Life or Catholic Social Services for a referral.


Oh, thank you! Great ideas! I have been to a counselor before, and actually I really liked her, but she is not a Catholic and some of the things I need to work on really are better suited to a Catholic counselor.


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