How would I become an Exorcist?

Seriously, this is not a Joke.
So please, don’t troll me.
I believe an Exorcist Priest is a Vocation,
unless I am mistaken.

I have many reasons for this, I will list a few.

Firstly, when Jesus was going about healing people of their various sicknesses,
he was casting out the demons that were causing these malignant issues.

Today we put a label on things, suggesting that it’s origin is not demonic, but may be hereditary or psychological to which medication is given, which in my opinion, numbs the patient while the problem is still there.

By doing so, we deny the existence of evil, which denies the devil really exists, by not fearing the devil, we give excuses for all the calamities that occur. I’ve been told that the biggest lie the devil ever convinced us of is that he does not exist. And sadly to say with the intercession of modern medicine we continue to attribute diabolical actions with an explanation. That satisfies most people’s interest.

Also by not fearing the devil, we feel that our moral actions will not be judged and so cater to immoral and lawlessness tendencies. Acknowledging God as one who can save us from the problems we encounter increases our faith and pisses off the devil, in an attempt to discourage you from continuing a relationship with God, the devil increases misfortunes to happen on you with the hope of you thinking, “Ever since I went back to God, “poop” has been hitting the fan, maybe I should avoid God, and it will go away”.

Once our souls are won by the devil, there is no need for him to try anymore, but show a little resistance to his lies and he will attack you either thru occuring misfortunes, and when that does not work, thru direct contact.

I’ve experienced it myself, talked to others who have gone thru it, and feel there’s a real need to bring this ancient practice back to light. Otherwise modern medicine will continue to delude us that the devil does not exist, and that only medicine can save us. That in itself seems a bit idolatrous.

I in no way am condescending medicine, it has it’s uses, it does save lives, and stops diseases. But performing exorcisms on people as a prerequisite for a medical examination could help detour any possible demonic interference.

I believe by poking fun at the ordeal of Exorcisms is a bit blasphemous, as it was our Lord Jesus Christ who was the 1st Exorcist, then the Apostles. To poke fun at Exorcisms means to have no faith and to poke fun at Jesus.

Exorcism is still practiced by the Church. Bishops appoint priests (clandestinely) to serve as the exorcist for their dioceses. When there is a case of suspected demonic possession, the person who is thought to be possessed is examined by three independent mental health professionals, who, while they cannot declare positively that demonic activity is occurring (since that lies outside of what their field is capable of knowing), they can make the determination that what is going on is not knowable by medical science. Then, and only with the approval of the Bishop, the exorcist may perform the rite of exorcism. Medical science cannot be discounted here, otherwise we could be using something very powerful and dealing with things that are not to be taken lightly without taking the utmost care.

As for whether “exorcist priest is a vocation,” it is in some sense that some priests have that as a component of their priesthood. But people do not go to seminary to become exorcists, they go to seminary to discern a vocation to the priesthood and receive formation as such. If one is to be an exorcist, that often is discerned much later. I think it would be better for you to stop looking to such things as movies like The Rite for information about things like this and to consult your pastor and diocesan vocations director.


This is something that comes much later. First one has to prove himself as stable and reasonable priest. Then over time the bishop may decide to appoint him as an exorcist. This is something that happens over time, no one is ordained specifically for this purpose.

Then I’ll become a priest, and take it one step at a time.

It may be worth the reminder our vocation isn’t based soley on our choice. God calls us to one. It’s easy for any one of us to lose sight of this. I do pray yours is a vocation to the priesthood and you become a faithful one - it just may be a calling your hearing. Obviously I can’t know this. Have you consulted a spiritual director?

Do you have to be a male?

to be a priest? Yes.

There are special priests appointed to be exorcists…however, every ordained priest has the faculties to perform exorcisms.

God Bless

Having a priest in my family and who also dealt with these influences, it is not something you can ever take lightly, exorcism is not a game, it is dangerous if you are unprepared, you need a very high amount of spiritual discipline, you need to be able to fast and pray constantly. It is nothing like the movies, it is not a quick process, it can be very draining and make you lethargic. If you feel it was your vocation however, then be paitent and God will place you where he wants you to be.

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