How would I confess being slovenly?

is, “I have often been slovenly,” good enough or do I need to give examples such as me procrastinating on homework and stuff my parents tell me to do.

I don’t exactly recall the specific circumstances and number of times but I am sure i have been slovenly.

Procrastinating on homework isn’t a sin(as far as I’m aware), unless you skip mass to do it or lie in order to turn it in late.

I can imagine that if you have a few specifics and then say, and many more times if you only have a vague idea of them, would be good enough.

God Bless:)

From the details of your post you are mistaking the meaning of “slovenly”. It has nothing to do with procrastinating on homework!

Basically, slovenly means: negligent of neatness especially in dress and person; habitually dirty and unkempt; having an untidy appearance; unkempt; Careless or negligent; sloppy; Unwashed, dirty, disorderly.

Just confess what you have done, or not done - I have been putting off (or not doing) my homework, chores my parents assigned to me, etc.

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