How would I go about confessing sexual feelings?


I remembered this sin that I forgot about - I’m single but was thinking about having a partner as I was drifting off to sleep and it made me aroused. I enjoyed feeling aroused for awhile but then when I realized what I was doing I stopped thinking about it and went to sleep. (I never touched myself)
I forgot about this because I was so tired and I think I downplayed it because I wasn’t deliberately thinking about anything sexual but I dwelled on the feeling of arousal.

I’ve never confessed anything like this before so I need help on how to word this right.

(Also, is this a mortal sin? Because I forgot about it, I’ve taken communion since)


I don’t think the priest will have a problem with this at all, especially since you only enjoyed the feeling of your sexuality and didn’t do anything about it. If you fantasized, I would tell him. This is something big to you, but it won’t be for the priest, believe me. If you have real problem with talking to him, print out your posting and hand it to him (it’s very short). Tell him you’re embarrassed. At that point, he might think you’re going to confess something really big and be relieved. Trust me, everything will fall into place. Don’t let this keep you from the grace you receive in confession.

God bless,


Thank you so much!


Simply say, “I have had impure thoughts and desires.” That is what I say if ever something of that sort comes into my mind.

May God bless you forever and ever! :slight_smile:

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