How would I know if I am called for marriage?

When people say they know they are called to be married, I get sometimes confused because I wonder how would you know? Because, I think people might desire marriage… but does that mean it’s a calling? I personally don’t know what my calling is, but I do desire to be married and have children. But, it feels like any guy I meet or talk to there is something wrong with them, or we just don’t have much in common or a connection. And, I don’t know if that is just me being picky and not making an effort (because I didn’t really like them), but I wonder if it is a sign that maybe I shouldn’t be married? What do you all think?

I struggle with this too. A lot of people tell me “Just because you want to be married doesn’t mean God wants you to”. This always confuses me and makes me a little frustrated because I was always told that in order to be called to a vocation you have to want it. For example, if a person hated the idea of being a priest, GOd wouldn’t make them become a priest. Now if God warmed them up to the idea thats a different story

I think there is a guy out there for you if there is one out there for you. You’ll know it when you fall in love and want to share your past, present, future and entire self with him. If you never find a guy who makes you feel that way then God probably isn’t calling you to marriage.

This is a very helpful article. Now I feel better and I hope the OP does too, after all these discernment weekends and praying about it, I think I am called to Priesthood. I hope the OP has sucess in discovering their true vocation and all whom are discerning!!

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