How would you address someone that is into Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort theology?

Okay, so how would you? This woman is vehemently anti-Catholic, a “former” Catholic, and regurgitates the same arguments against the Church I’ve been hearing since I have been Catholic. She claims the Catholic church is unbiblical but gets her information from various anti-Catholic groups. Confort and the “Living waters ministry” as well as Cameron himself being her largest sources. I feel kind of like she has an obsessive crush on Kirk Cameron, and her behaviour with regards to him is increasingly odd. I have gotten in debates (back when I had a Facebook) with Ray Comfort when he claimed the Pope said that man could work his way to heaven (which he most certainly did NOT say)
My mutual friend and I are really worried about her mental state. Please take into account she is a widow. God bless.

Ask them “are there any parts of Comfort’s and Cameron’s teachings that you find appealing that are not outright lies?”

Really! Once you get past the falsehoods and straw man arguments there must be practically nothing left.

Hello protestant?

Sorry…reminded me of an old Honeymooners episode with Norton teaching Ralph how to play golf. He said first you have to address the ball…hello ball! :slight_smile:

That is Okay it still made me chuckle

I quite like the way you phrase that actually

One “issue” at a time, responding in love and pointing to scripture, historical understanding and consistency with what the apostles and their direct apostles believed and taught.

Well because I am fairly well grounded in theology now because I know alot about history I have done just that she just doesn’t listen.

I’m sorry. Help me out here.

I don’t live in the states so I had to look up who Kirk Cameron is and that other guy. Ray Comfort. Actually I have seen what they do. It’s street evangelizing, no?

I don’t get why you’re against it. It sounds right to me. They’re not saying anything wrong. They’re trying to get people who are unbelievers to think about Jesus, maybe join a church, being saved, as they put it, and now so do we.

Could you take the time to tell me what you think is wrong with what they do? I’d just like to be informed. I mean, what IS their theology?

I don’t want to go into explicit detail but there are a lot of flaws with their theology not only that they are very anti Catholic Ray Comfort has specifically said that Catholic will not call themselves Christian which is a lie obviously. There’s also something that Cameron said that was rather explicit about sexual matters that I do not want to say and that is another thing that bothers me I don’t think she would do that. They have a show I think on TBN or at least they used to. I tried watching it once but it had more to do it was Ray Comfort with bashing Catholics than bringing people to Christ. That was my experience with it. They are I want to say that Kirk Cameron is Pentecostal but I’m not sure. Some of the other Catholic here from the United States could probably tell you a little bit about them

Thanks Adamhovey. I’ve seen a couple of programs where one or the other will go up to a person in the street and get them to admit they’re a sinner and need the Lord’s salvation. They explain how they would be in a court scene and are guilty of something and then someone pays their debt and they’re free.

It all sounded very nice actually. But it seems I don’t know enough about them. They seem so nice and that may be why your friend likes them. Difficult to convince her if she has her mind made up. I just hope she’s trusting Jesus for her salvation and not K.C. and R.C. !

Will be checking in tomorrow to see if there’s any more info, but maybe what you’ve told me is enough. Let’s keep our eyes on the Lord!


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