How would you answer this?

I’ve seen internet memes that read, “if the fetus you’re trying to save turns out gay, would you keep fighting for its rights?”

My best response is that there is no “right to sex” because there is more to life than sex. There are not bodies piling up in the morgue whose cause of death was “virginity”.

What say you?

Isn’t prostrate cancer cutting close to that though? :shrug:

I find it difficult to “argue” with bumper sticker slogans. If I were to respond, though, I would respond that I can and do fight for the basic rights and human dignity of all people regardless age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or anything else. But having a sexual relationship with someone of the same gender (or a non-marital sexual relationship with someone of the opposite gender) does not constitute a “right”.

Of course I would. Every fetus - even if it turned out to be Hitler - has a right to life. We aren’t the judge of who lives and who dies, so we should stop treating it like its even an option to abort a child.

Not only that, but being gay and acting on homosexual urges are two different things. One can live a holy life, even if he or she struggles with homosexual attractions.

This meme is just a reflection of how society fails to understand the inherent dignity of a person, and insultingly insinuates that pro-life people would entertain the idea of killing homosexuals. The ignorance is just baffling.

The irony is that we even have to “try” to save the fetus. Who are we trying to save it from? From those who would argue that a mother has a choice to murder it before it is born, who are often the same people who argue that once the child is born it has the right to be in a homosexual “marriage”. So you see, while the pro-life position that every person has a right to life from the moment of conception is not assured by the meme (it says “you’re TRYING to save”, with the word “trying” indicating that life is not guaranteed), its “right” to gay marriage is. The very wording of the meme is unfairly biased and betrays the secular agenda behind it. I know that is very confusing, but I think it makes sense. Kind of.

I’d say yes, I will fight for everyone’s right to life. Gay or straight.

My answer quite simply would be this: I have to fight for the right of the fetus to live, so they can one day be whatever God intended them to be. The first right one must fight for is the right to life-after someone takes that right away from someone, what other right could ever matter to someone already dead? All rights are not created equal. The bumper sticker argument could just as easily be turned around. What does it matter to fight for someone’s gay rights’ agenda, if you don’t first care about their fundamental right to exist in the first place?

My response would be: A baby is a baby. Period.

Well said.

If the fetus were to grow up and cure cancer, would you still say it was the woman’s absolute right to kill it?


Someone’s sexuality has nothing to do with having a right to be born - that is the right I support, the right to life.


Are you implying that, in a world without consequences, I would advocate the murder of people with same-sex attraction?

I’d ask, what are these ‘rights’ they speak of? Which religious system does that idea come from?


The Church does not claim that gay people should not legally be allowed to have sex.

The “right” being referred to by the bumper sticker is the right to marry. Gay people have that right. They may not have the right to marry the person they love, but it’s not clear why that should be considered a right anyway.

Good point! In an earlier post, I tried to point out that the argument could be turned around. In addition to the way I thought about it, there is this equally compelling counter argument.

Why would your response be anything more than just, “Yes.”? :confused:

Because you have to take into account the intent of the authors of the meme. They want to say “if you fight for the baby’s right to life, then will you fight for its right to gay marriage?”

It’s just misleading bumper sticker logic. We know that the right to life is absolute, while there is no such “right” to gay marriage. But it does no good to simply answer “yes” without addressing the implications of the meme.

Exactly. This is the example that really exposes how sinister and insulting this meme is to pro-life people. Because it really does seem to insinuate that pro-lifers want to kill gay people.

:stuck_out_tongue: That’s probably the best response.

I agree.

It also implies that all gay people support abortion rights. I have met quite a few homosexuals who are pro life and do not buy into a packaged set of beliefs that someone fed them in college or on a sit-com.

State Sen. Alvin Holmes (D-AL) tried a similar comment, with blacks instead of homosexuals, saying he’d pay $100,000 if someone showed him “a whole bunch” of white families adopting black babies. He lost the bet.

Maybe that will be helpful?

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