How would you, as a Catholic, present the gospel message?

One thing I have felt strongly drawn to in my many years as a Protestant is bringing the gospel message to the lost, particularly strangers. Of course, if I joined the Catholic Church, I would still want to do that outreach.

So what I’m curious about is the following hypothetical scenario. Please note that I’m asking Catholics this question. Imagine you encountered a complete stranger (in a coffee shop, on an airplane, on the street, etc.), and you felt the desire to share the good news about Christ and salvation with them, what would your message consist of? What would you say? What truths would you attempt to communicate?

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For me, these situations occur when non-Catholic strangers begin conversations about religion with me, and there really is no typical situation. It depends on who I’m talking to.

Still, I generally start with the problems in the world and how Original Sin is, as the great Chesterton once put it, the one truth of the Faith that no one with eyes can deny.

If that strikes a chord I would talk about how God wants to save everyone, so He came to Earth as a man to redeem us.

Then I would talk about how He founded a Church to continue His mission by keeping the Truth and applying His grace through the sacrament He instituted during His life on Earth.

If they wanted to know more I’d refer them to any number of books on the Faith that help explain its teachings.

I would give them one of these.

Pillar of Fire


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