How would you as a Catholic witness to JW's at their door?


I’ll give you a scenario.

knock… knock…

a witness man opens the door… he says hello. you introduce yourself and say, hello my name is… and I am a Catholic.
he looks very surprised to see a Catholic at his doorstep…

now, what other possible scenarios could happen here? what would your approach be to the witness? are you prepared to discuss our faith? do you get tongue tied? have you prepared in advance for a discussion? what material have you brought with you?

so let’s hear what your approach is. let’s see what material you have brought with you for your discussion. remember, the way you dress sends volumes of information to them. one should dress modestly when going door to door as a Catholic.

alright, its your turn here to tell us about your scenario. remember, we want to do God’s work, and we are representing our faith to them. we want to be the best we can.


Pray to the Holy Spirit for enlightenment remembering to thank Him for hearing your prayer.

Welcome them as you would [or should] anyone else.

Do not get side tracked by their clever sales tactics which are intended to lead you down a one-way street.

Ask them ‘why they believe this or that’, ask ‘what was the origin of their religion?’ ‘I personally ask why their watchtower often attacks Catholicism when the Catholic Church in her mission attacks no-one’.

JW’s are as much entitled to hear the Good News as anyone else. They too are children of God. Christ died for them too! :slight_smile:

I often ask why they predicted the Second Coming so many times and yet it never happened. Which is the current and most recent date? :slight_smile:

They believe that the Lord came back in 1914. If the bible says the Lord will come back at the end of time, then how come we are here now? How can there be a day after the last day? That is a contradiction.

Don’t let them lead you into their own sales tactics which are of course programmed so that you cannot win. Simply ask them basic questions about the origin of their religion.

I usually find they cannot move beyond the concept that Christ said that ‘the gates of hell shall not prevail against His Church’!

Before they leave, when they have offered you some religious tracts, offer them a few from the Catholic Truth Society. They will of course turn them down and that can be a good debating point on its own. 'How come my religion allows me to read pretty near anything I want so long as it is not immoral but you are only allowed to read what your censors tell you you are allowed to read. :stuck_out_tongue:


JW’s like to knock our devotion to Mary reminding us that she is a mere woman and not to be worshipped.

Of course I like to point out that actually we do not worship her, that is a misunderstanding among many that JW’s have of Catholicism and Orthodoxy. But I like to argue that:

But God the Son is present in God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. God is a co-equal Trinity. So by definition the Mother of God the Son Incarnate is also God the Son Infinite and by definition the rest of the Trinity.

They like to argue that God the Son is subordinate to God the Father, yet Jesus Himself said ‘the Father and I are one’ where He claimed equality with God Jn 5:18. Now you cannot divide ‘one’ into a superordinate one and a subordinate one and still have two whole ones :stuck_out_tongue: That usually send them into a flurry of checking their notes and deciding between them what they will say next! :stuck_out_tongue:

Adding further:

God the Father has no humanity. But He is manifested in the Incarnate Humanity of His Son Jesus said ‘to see me is to see the Father’ in other words: the Father is manifested in the Son.As we say in that great Epiphany hymn: ‘God in man made manifest’

Incredible and awesome though it is, but the uncreated eternal unfathomable awesome omnipresent God paradoxically also has a creature He can call ‘Mother’!

That is one of the reasons why we pay such great honour to Mary, not just for the flesh she bore, as if that were not enough but also His relationship to the rest of the Holy Trinity: MARY THE MOTHER OF GOD

That also elevates Mary beyond the mother of mere Incarnate Flesh. Now that really is awesome.


SInce making the decision to become a Catholic, I have had two encounters with JW. The first time, I was nursing and my breast fell out in front of him and he walked away.

The second time, I responded by telling the gentleman that I admired his fire in spreading the Word, but I am becoming a Cathoic. He asked me what drew me to my faith. At that point, I invited him in, and shared with him.

Luckily, I have three little girls who are high maintenance, and the guy high tailed it out after my daughter started showing off by reciting a Rosary. :slight_smile:


I believe the question that was asked was regarding YOU going out door-to-door to evangelise your faith as a Catholic. YOU knock on a strangers door to discuss the Bible. How would you go about this?


Several years ago I undertook a discussion with a couple of JW’s at the door. *

I forget how we got to it but he asked me why do you think you are immortal. I forgot that they don’t believe that all are immortal so came back with - “As Jesus told the Sadducees, you are very mistaken if you do not believe in immortality. Have you not read that He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of the Living not the Dead.” He said we appeared to have different interpretations on that verse. We talked a bit more and he told me how we have to be tolerant of the beliefs of others and left.

They have never been back. :D*


I dont think I would door knock to be frank. I knock on “doors” every day, with each person I meet. Granted, I am not quizzing them on demand to tell me what is the hope they have and can they let me tell them the answer to that question.

I have other methods, And no man can judge anothers method, for there is no blueprint nor formula -

I know your biblical defense of this practice. And, some catholics do actually do this. But, I dont think its the only or even best way to do it.

Just my opinion Steve.


Joe, the question is what would YOU do if YOU were going door knocking.:slight_smile:


that indeed WAS the question!:thumbsup:


I do not go out trying to witness to anyone. I let God present the opportunity to me. That way I know He will do what He wants and I am not wasting my time.

I had JWs come to my door for awhile. I let them “teach” me.

I prepared a book for them showing from their own literature that it was false.

The one woman stood up and kept saying, “We have to go, we have to go.” The other woman just sat there looking at the documentation. I’ll never forget the look on her face. She looked so sad and disappointed.

When the first woman finally got the second woman to get up, the second woman took the info with her. I expect she was later made to throw it away.

I have never seen either woman since that day. Once in awhile I still pray for the second woman. I hope that thru my efforts God planted a seed and that He will send others to her to help it grow.

All I know is I will be extremely happy if I see her again in heaven.


well this could be happening quite soon, as our diocese is launching the next phase of the evangelization program, going door to door, and we are training teams now, mainly by role playing at this point. I will suggest that we practice speaking to Mormons and JWs specifically. this should be fun.


Texas sounds better all the time to me.


i know all your opinions, and i greatly respect them, but i would like to keep this post to the scenario i originally mentioned thank you.


Rather than going door to door cold turkey. I would suggest putting together a short letter of introduction and maybe a brochure, and suggesting a get togethers ONLY IF the recipient wants to meet and learn about what its like to be Catholic.

Send or drop the letter on the door step or mail box. Leave a phone number of self addressed stamped envelope. Let them have the choice to meet or not.

I think going door to door is a bit tacky and while I have no problem explaining my faith. Being intrusive is a bit annoying to say the least.

As far as what to say to JWs or Mormons, I would point out the various saints who have testified to the divinity of Christ, and no one has expressed any indication of any truth behind the JWs or Mormon beliefs. All the great miracle workers throughout the ages, have been saints of the Catholic Church, not mormons, JWs, muslims or protestants.

IF God is sanctioning or endorsing any of these other faiths, then surely He would have great miracle workers among these folks as well. Where are the St Anthony’s, St Catherines or Padre Pios of these other beliefs. God speaks to us through the wonderous works of His messengers. Jesus, His Apostles and the many great miracle working saints have all been representatives through the one Apostolic Church.

IF God wants us to be JWs or Mormons then why does He not send His representatives through these beliefs ??? Jesus tells us His followers will perform great wonders in His name.


i understand what your saying, but i want this kept to the scenario i mentioned in the original post. thanks for understanding.


OK. If you really want to go door to door, I suggest you first start by studying there religion.

Then at the door ask them to explain some specific aspect that doesn’t make sense to you. (It will be easy to find a point that doesn’t make sense)

Do not tell them they are wrong. No one wants to admit they are mistaken about anything and the walls of defense go a little higher.

You need to be genuinely open to listening and not there to argue. Afterall they didn’t invite you - you just showed up.

Ask them questions - and listen to their answers. Don’t try to accomplish your mission in one visit.

They will very likely either give you info to take home or try to get your address so they can send someone to your house.

Not all JW’s are considered qualified to witness. So they may not feel they are allowed to talk to you.


those are good points. since i have extensive knowledge about their door to door ministry, iam qualified to speak with them without further looking into what they believe. but others are not. familiarizing oneself with their belief is a good idea because then you know their come backs when you speak with them, be it at the door or elsewhere. not all catholics would be comfortable going door to door. iam however, but that is because i have been a jw, and i know how to talk to people. i wouldn’t recommend it to just anyone either.

once must have experience on how to deal with people if you go door to door, because people can be very hostile to anyone who shows up at their door no matter what you believe. i think the door to door ministry is more for experienced people. the best way is as puzzleannie mentioned, role play.

agreed about telling them they are wrong. they would just shut the door on you right away. as soon as you tell them your a catholic, they will either talk to you to try to convert you or shut the door right off. but the point of this post is, is to put yourself in their shoes, but as a catholic going door to door and going to a witness household. if we understand why they get treated so badly when they are at the door, then we can understand how to deal with them when they come to our door. we can show them compassion, and listen to what they say and then tell them of our faith.

if one understands the other, then we can speak to them about our faith. the scenario i mentioned in the OP would be like this for me. :

hello my name is… and iam a catholic. i understand your not accustomed to seeing catholics at your door. would you mind if i spent a minute of your time talking about God and our faith?

if he said no, i don’t want to talk to you because iam a witness, i would then say to him, i appreciate that fact. do you mind if i left you a little booklet that explains our faith? there are misconceptions out their about our faith, and this little booklet will help the reader to understand what we believe and perhaps clear up any misconceptions you may have had.

if he says no, then i say, thank you for your time, and i hope you have a wonderful day.

if he says he wants to talk, then i have my Bible on hand, my tracts, and my booklet, Pillar of fire, Pillar of truth. and whatever he wants to discuss about the catholic faith, i do my best to discuss it. if i cannot answer his question, i ask him if i can do some research and return. then i politely thank him for the discussion, and leave.

so that is how i would do it. but that is me.



The only thing I would question about your scenario is that JWs are taught not to listen to teachings on other faiths or read their literature.

Or am I mistaken?


that is true. but that does not mean that one would not be willing to try to discuss it with a catholic at their door. likely they might because they would try to convert the catholic, but if they seen the catholic is not going to be converted, they likely would end the discussion right there. so i know what you might think, if they are just going to try to convert us or end the discussion, what is the point in speaking to a jw at their door? the point is to plant the seed of truth in their mind so that they research it and see for themselves without influence of the society behind it. all things are possible with God. if God wants us to plant the seed of truth, He will. if not, then not. if it is His will, it is His will.


I have a phobia of going and knocking on doors. So I just flat out wouldn’t do it.

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