How would you confess lustfully looking at someone?


If I was to look at someone and have inappropriate thoughts, would you just say that you’ve lustfully looked at people or would it be considered adultery?


Read Matthew 5:28. Tell the priest that you lustfully looked at someone. Good luck and enjoy being forgiven :innocent:


Liam, I agree with Karen, Prayers are with you. God bless


Yes…“I entertained lustful thoughts while looking at a woman…” something along those lines.


Just say you entertained lustful thoughts about someone other than your wife. Straightforward, clear, and brief. Don’t overthink it.


Lust of the wife is fine. You don’t need to confess that, unless you did while erroneouly believing it was evil.





Not! Desire your wife. Lust is sinful.


So instead of clarifying what you meant, you decide to be uncharitable. Cool. Flagged.


So, you unilaterally give ultimatums by saying: What? 1234567789

That’s not selfish?

I hereby flag you.


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