How would you convince another catholic to learn more about the faith?

Hi! I have another friend who doesn’t care much about the faith. Everytime I bring it up, he gets tired of it and says “this isn’t church!” I keep telling him if you learn more, there will be a reward but he doesn’t care. How could I convince him to learn more and show him it isn’t boring? I really want him to care! Please help! God Bless…

Pray for him and continue to be a good example for him. The more you press him the more he will rebel, so don’t do that. Just let him see the light of Christ shining in you through how you act and treat him and others. Some people just aren’t ready to explore their heritage of faith. They need to see for themselves how valuable it is. So, be patient and let him come to it in his own time.

Ok that makes sense, thank you!

Prayer is the biggest and probably only thing you can do.

I have several friends like this… Correction… I HAD several friends like this, and most of them, just in the last couple of weeks have decided that “I’m too Catholic and too religious” to remain friends. Despite that I’ve never said anything to them, or even remotely encouraged them via words. I have suggested things, when they have asked; and I’ve become a bit more vocal lately in describing what I believe and why. Apparently that was too much, for the group of people who preach tolerance. :frowning:

Oh man I’m real sorry about that! I really hope that doesn’t happen and I am pretty sure it won’t this guy is not that extreme. I am so sorry, wow! People these days… I will pray that they come back!

This is a hard one. I was your friend, except in relation to faith in general not just the Church.

I would suggest, in this situation, the best witness is to LIVE your faith. Don’t go too much into detail but do mention your joys (say you had a good confession and it excites you, or you’re going to a particular special Mass…) but in passing not in detail. Give HIM the opportunity to ask for more if he wishes, otherwise just plant little seeds.

Trust me, the more you try to convince him to take his faith seriously the more he will pull away but when you quieten down and just live your faith he WILL start to notice and when it’s time and the Holy Spirit moves he’ll seek to learn more. :thumbsup:

It’s okay and thanks. And I didn’t mean to scare or unnecessarily worry you. To be honest, these friends and I have been drifting a part for a while. When you subscribe to the ultra-fem mentality of “you shouldn’t want to be married, to have a man, to have children, or anything else that will prevent you from finding a life-long, well-paying career so that you can live autonomously” (like they do), then you’re bound to have issues with someone who got married at 21, right after college, has been married for nearly 11 years, has 4 children with one more on the way and stays at home to homeschool them.

The irony in it all is that they are all cradle Catholics and they were the ones that dragged me to mass our freshman year of college, starting the process that led me to go through RCIA my junior year. :smiley:

Good luck with your friend, and trust in the Holy Spirit.

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