How would you describe your spirituality?

This is quite an interesting and broad topic. How do you describe your spirituality?

I guess it’s the spirituality of being a human and asking God for help with my heart (specially when I listen to and play music). Music is the greatest prayer to me. That’s my spirituality. I am not Catholic so receiving communion is not pat of my spirituality…yet…

My Catholic faith is the root of my entire life.

Putting on the new man.

It is probably the most startling command in all of Christianity. Not simply operating within a Christian legal framework, but actually fully attempting to embrace God to the extent that one day, I might be able to avoid quite a number of sins, and rejoice in good works without it even occurring to me. That is what I aspire to. It is probably the heart of my spirituality.

My spirituality is total surrender to God’s love for me and his will for my life. Obviously, I’m far from surrendering myself totally, and there is still so much that I try to hold onto. But total surrender is what I seek and pray for. I want to be fully filled and immersed with God’s love and share it with others.

The slow and painful process of tearing out the pieces of the carnal man in me and accepting the pieces of spiritual man that Jesus offers.

I definitely agree with this. Life is a sort of battle against my fallen nature, with I hope every victory bringing me a little closer to where I ought to be.

Nice!! :thumbsup:

I mean, the process isn’t “nice,” but the way you put it was particularly apt.

Ain’t that the truth. :wink:

Through meditation mostly. Reflecting on the little things in life. Living in the moment; forgiving myself of past mistakes and not dwelling too much on what future worries have in store. Growing and learning from every moment; knowing that I’m not the same person that I was before I’ve learned from something.

“Listen within yourself and look into the infinitude of Space and Time. There can be heard the songs of the Constellations, the voices of the Numbers, and the harmonies of the Spheres.”

This is sage wisdom.

A never ending journey to find complete understanding and embracement of the Divine.

The only words that come to mind are: Simple and poor.

Ultimately, it is all about Jesus. By claiming His salvation for me, I am agreeing to let Him be in me and in my actions. It is not about me, because if I allow Jesus to be in my comings and goings, then I inevitably have to be in line with what Jesus is all about. I cannot say, I believe, if there is no fruit.



Wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord! [Romans 7:24-25a]

That is how I would describe my ‘journey’ too Kevin. A never ending one…
Always searching, and waiting to hear the answers from Our Lord. :slight_smile:

Constantly evolving

Blunt, down-to-earth, and a low tolerance for stupidity in the name of religious faith, lack of faith, and whatever idiocy they have in common.

The question is, as you say, open ended. I like the shorter answers I’ve read best, so I’ll keep mine short too.

I am a humble and not very good disciple of Jesus the Messiah. The more I depend on Him, and the less on me, the better I do.

While my spirituality and my religous choice are linked, they are not the same.

I believe that God is Present with us…no matter who we are. God seek to reveal Himself to all people…each of us must seek Him…and sometimes we embrace a “theological framework” that makes sense to us, it may not necessarily be embraced by other Christians.

I see the value on other faith traditions as their search and understanding of God…it’s difficult when we speak of the Eternal and Infinite to claim “understanding” at least IMO since we are finite bengs and God is Infinite.

We see Him thru shadows and similes and metaphores…I believe the best understanding of God and His Nature has been seen and lived in Jesus of Nazareth…“the image of the Invisible God”…“God with us”…

I also find some “spiritual practices” from other faith traditions to be beautiful and beneficial to my own spiritual walk…they are just not part of Quaker tradition.

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