How would you feel if in the next 10-20 yrs the Pope elected is an American?


How would you feel if an American was elected a Pope, and which American Cardinal would you like to see elected?


If the Holy Spirit chooses a Pope from the United States then that’s the work of the Spirit and I would accept St. Peter’s sucessor with love and enthusiasm. BUT…

In my VERY humble opinion the U.S. is too powerful and too dominant in the world already. I would rather see a Pope from Latin America or Africa.


I doubt if a pope will be chosen from Latin America or the US because of political climates there. Cardinal Ouellet from Quebec City was papabile this last time, is brillian and comes from a political climate of multilateralism which might be more acceptable for the Vatican in terms of peace and justice.

From Africa, I thought it might be Cardinal Arinze who is just plain brilliant and has a grip on interfaith since he himself was a convert.


Don’t really care where the man is from, but he needs to be staunchly orthodox. Needs to bring the dissenters back in, reel in the American craziness, and turn us back into the Church we are supposed to be, not what we have become.


It depends which American was chosen…


I would be happy, so long as the College of Cardinals called upon the Holy Spirit when choosing the new pope.

That being said, I firmly believe that if chosen, Cardinal Arinze would make an excellent pope. Right now though, I am perfectly happy with our Holy Father Benedict XVI. Long live the Pope!:smiley:


Not sure about any American Cardinals, but there are a number of American Bishops who, if they became Cardinals, would be quite Papabile in my opinion.

My bet for the next conclave? Cardinal Scola of Venice.





I would hope for Cardinal Keeler (Diocese of Baltimore). :thumbsup:
But, being from Baltimore, I’m probably a little biased.


Hi Mannifit,

What is there to “feel” ? And why should it not happen next year or five years from now? Obviously Americans would be highly interested and an American pope might help desirable things happen in the American church.



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