How would you introduce Jesus?

Christian brothers and sisters,

I was e-mailed a video, link below, which was too awesome to keep to myself.

Steve Harvey is a comedian

There is nothing funny about this video, it is a true blessing to see someone from the entertainment world step up to the plate and do what Steve harvey did

At the close of one of his shows, Steve took a risk and made a stand for Jesus Christ and gave an awesome presentation on how he would introduce Jesus to his audience.

I am sure you will remember this video for a lifetime…

God bless Steve Harvey

here is the link

God bless you


That’s great! “His Mother is still headlining in the Catholic Church today!” :smiley:

I get goose bumps every time I see or hear this clip.
I can only pray that my love and enthusiasim and respect for God is this way through every moment of my life.

Thank you for sharring,

God Bless everyone too

“How would you introduce Jesus?”

Jesus, this is Bob. Bob, this is your savior. The punch is on the table against the wall. Hope you enjoy the party. :slight_smile:

very nice kalt :thumbsup:

did you view the video?

Etiquette question: if I were to introduce Jesus to a woman, would I introduce him first or second? He is a man, but he is also our King. Miss Manners didn’t cover that.


Good question. I would introduce someone much younger (regardless of sex) to someone much older. Since God is older, I would start with “Jesus, this is…”.

I think you introduce men to women if they’re at all close in age. But what’s “at all close in age”? And God help the person who assumes the woman is much older than she is. :eek:

Yes, but also consider that Jesus already knows the person to whom we are introducing Him. Also, will he look old or will he look 33? :wink:

Thank you so much for sharing this!

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