How would you judge humanity at this moment in time? [Poll}


It’s a simple question:

How would you judge humanity at this moment in time?

  • Worth saving
  • Not worth saving

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Define “worth”. If you’re asking whether humanity deserves saving, we never did. If you’re asking if there’s something in there that can be redeemed, that’s always been true.


I agree. We have come a long way in the last 70 years. Sure, the music has gone downhill since the 80-90’s, but our imagination knows no bounds. It’s all about how we choose to use it.


God thinks we’re worth saving. Who am I to argue?


We’ve never been worth saving, but God still chose to anyways. Who am I to argue with God?


I think people get some idea that the past was a golden age where people lived in chastity and everyone went to Mass and then took the principles home and lived them out.

People have always been sinners. We mostly manage to change the sin out every so often.


Silly question. We are not God, and so have no right to judge. What do you hope to accomplish with this thread, anyway? If you are attempting to waste everyone’s time, you have succeeded admirably.


If you need to be saved, you aren’t worthy of salvation. The gospel is that God does it anyway.


No one forced you to waste your time writing a post in this thread. :grin:


Sometimes I think it’s about time for another flood. Then someone like the Little Sisters of the Poor comes to town.



I thought the above was worth repeating. .:+1:

When we say “humanity” , we’re seldom looking at individuals. Humanity is collective in its implication. So what criteria are we given to judge by ? . . ." ‘Social structures of sin’ " perhaps (which our Catechism [1869] tells us are the “expression and effect of personal sins”) ? Since we know nothing much of what goes on in the minds of our brothers and sisters, it is better not to guess when it comes to their sins. Efforts at our own personal holiness must always be our first response and main aim.

No one is worthy of being saved, as @DarkLight confirmed . . .not even the greatest saint, not even the Pope.
But are we worth being saved ? Yes !
At the moment of our conception God gives the soul, and only God knows the beauty, the value of a human soul - because He created it.

Jesus says a human soul is worth dying for to save.


Above my pay grade. Above everyone’s pay grade.



Yes, God thought it worthwhile, so if I happen to think otherwise, well…I don’t think that argument ends in my favor.


you are denying God with this poll.

You are saying hey God, your humanity, that which you created, is not worth saving, Forget your salvation history and condemn us all to hell.


WHats wring with the world? I am.


Since I’m human, it’s the only game in town.


Yes! Me judging the worthiness of humanity? Not my place.


The music has gone downhill since the 1880’s to 90’s (some would say 1780’s).


Carl Orff considered that music became hopelessly corrupted with the development of polyphony during the Middle Ages. He advocted a return to the monody of the ancient world, and with it, a renewed sense of music as magic ritual. VERY strange.


LOL I can believe it.

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