How would you rate your day so far?


Well its almost at an end to be honest. It’s been quality time with quality people I have to say. Mass was good as I learned that my passion for actual bread (especially toast)needs to change to passion for Jesus Christ as the Bread of Life. I guess they mean His word too.
Then I read a great book about a forensic psychologist who had a more sinful life than me. a more interesting one too. Part of me was envious but the other part of me was shocked. Sinfulness and cynicism often go together I notice.
Then I watched the football.
And I now I’m about to go to bed.
Good night.


I just woke up.

But I have nothing to do and the sun is shining.

(I mean, yes, I will be attending Mass)

This day is tabula rasa


Today the Deacon never turned up to give me the Eucharists


Waiting to go to mass. Excellent so far had breakfast with my grandchildren!


I’ve been up for a little over 2 hours and have already been to mass at the cathedral with my wife. The day is going swimmingly.


I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve been wondering how you’ve been doing.


It’s a fantastic day. The scheduled lector didn’t show up, she was at working dealing with an emergency at t e nursing home she works at, so I had to do the readings. Now for the rest of the day, lunch and a matinee in the city with the wife.


Woke up to 5/6 of us very sick and we won’t be making it to mass today.:cry: I was so looking forward to mass because I had to miss last week when the baby was scary sick. The rest of my family made it.

So this Sunday feels weird and I can’t help but think this is how the other half lives. It feels quite empty. I am so grateful that our Sundays aren’t usually like this and praying for those who feel an emptiness they have not yet identified.


Well Mass was as always BEAUTIFUL. Father’s homily was also very thought provoking. He said to NOT JUST avoid watching, reading, listening to and looking at unhealthy things on TV or radio, etc. but to replace those harmful things with GOOD SOLID CATHOLIC things to read and listen to and do. He emphasized good Catholic reading material and if we didn’t know what t choose he’d be more than happy to give us suggestions.


I’d like to try that one day. One small problem. I don’t have any kids.


Must be hot enough to swim there too, eh Tad


sorry to hear that. Big family you have there. sounds interesting


5/10, neither good nor bad


Sending cyber hugs and I hope the family is feeling better soon


Tough day but one full of many blessings too. Went to mass even though nearly didn’t. Was celebrated by my favourite Irish priest who was the one did my first confession, confirmation and Eucharist. He shook me hand and said ‘what church have you been going to?’ And I told him. And he said (about the priest at that) ‘ah yes, him. He goes on an awful lot doesn’t he?’ :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks! Some of them rallied and three made it to mass. The rest of us were in good spirits but too gross for the public. :slightly_smiling_face:


6 seminarians who grew up in our parish came “home” to visit today. :heart: But I wasn’t there. :pensive:


I got stuck behind the slowest person (who was swerving to boot) in traffic, I got peed on by a chicken, and I hit one of those sticky fly traps with my face.

I’d give this day a 3.


I don’t think I managed to do anything meaningful with my life today.


Interesting comment. One we all need to reflect on.
How might we all make our life meaningful today?

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