How would you rate your knowledge of scripture?

  1. Didn’t get past Page 1 of Genesis
  2. only know the Gospels
  3. excellent because I am ex-Protestant
  4. all but Revelations. It’s in the too hard basket
  5. Only the Book of Jonah because I like fish stories
  6. all the New Testament. OT is too violent and I don’t like how God is portrayed…
  7. Excellent and I’m Cradle Catholic !
  8. I only read Saint Paul.
  9. I mainly read commentaries these days instead of the Bible
  10. great because I go to daily Mass

  1. Almost every day I learn something new about Scripture, right here at CAF on this very forum.


3 but excellent might be an exaggeration.


uhhhh 3? I don’t know that I would credit my years as an Episcopalian for my familiarity with the Bible.

there should be a “great because I go to daily mass”


I thought that you had an actual concern… but this is just a poll…

As it happens with “polls” they are geared to take the rhythm of the person/people orchestrating the polls.

Polls are structured to demonstrate the preconceptions that are held, and as with other instruments (such as “voter’s choice”) when the poll takers do not agree with the content there’s no remedy for them to express their actual views.

The wording and parallels serve very little to show a clear definition without some sort of bias:
3 vs. 7 – Protestants are in love with Scriptures because they love Scripture default (meaning: Protestants love the Word of God) vs. Catholics who love the Word do so in spite of being Catholics (meaning: Devote Catholics cannot love the Word of God since it is foreign to them or the Church keeps them from the Truth)
5 Jonah cannot be a serious book since it’s main purpose is to entertain people who like fish
4 Apocalypse (Revelation) is too hard to even try to read

I love all of the Bible because I am a cradle Catholic!

Maran atha!


  1. I appreciate the whole Bible.

I just finished reading Tobit and I read the Jewish Publication Society commentary on it.

The commentary come right out and gives the probable reason that the writing is not in the Jewish canon of their “bible”-- wow! The author points out that an archangel, a heavenly being, Raphael, comes to earth in the appearance of a man. Does that sound like anybody else you know?

In that book, Sarah wants to commit suicide but decides not to. Tobit also wants to die, but does not contemplate suicide. The book shows how God’s provident will is operating even when we may be experiencing setbacks.

The Jewish commentary unlocked the book for me.


The folks who say they get crosseyed when they get to the book of Leviticus haven’t read the geneologies in some of the later books.

The real lesson is why those other books have such lengthy geneologies to begin with.


I’d go with #3, but as previously mentioned by another poster, I wouldn’t say excellent.




I read some of the Bible and I also read the quotations that are used in my spiritual books.


Average. I look up daily Mass readings, but I don’t really know where to start reading word for word.


Number 3 is the closest but I wouldn’t say excellent and a good bit of my knowledge has developed since starting my journey into the Church.


I rate this poll as a 10 (on the classic 1-10 scale where 10 is best).

As far as my knowledge of scripture, working on it. Who ever knew there were so many minor prophets?


Not all Protestants know Scripture well. Some know parts of Scripture well. Many have settled on misinterpretations of God’s Word.

In addition, attending daily Mass isn’t a guarantee that one knows Scripture well. It might mean that one has heard a lot of Scripture, but doesn’t really imply that they know what’s going on in it… :wink:

Umm… I think I trust God more than I trust all theologians… :rofl:


If Saint Peter and Saint Augustine had trouble with Saint Paul’s letters, then I’m sure most of us laity have no idea what we’re talking about when we claim to have an excellent knowledge of Scripture.


weak in the prophets


Cradle Catholic here who recently started reading the bible. I can’t quote verses like a protestant nor give you specific names but so far, I can reference a general “story” once in a while


that’s right. I found that as catholics we need a more open mind about the OT especially. There’s a wealth of meaning and inspiration in books such as the minor prophets.


I trust theologians more than self-proclaimed experts. And myself of course.


OK. I don’t know too many details (locations, names and such), but I have the gist.

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