How would YOU react if you were there?

If you were there at the time, what would your reaction be?

Would you defend the girl?


Commend the clerk?

Or nothing at all?

Go to Saudi Arabia with a cross on or carrying a bible and see how long you survive, let alone get served at a restaurant.

That being said, it’s not right to descriminate. But while we’re worried about being nice to muslims in America the terrorist muslims are cutting people’s heads off.

Discrimination and unkindness should not be tolerated no matter who it is. Freedom of religion and discrimination should be upheld by all peoples.

While you ask for compassion towards Muslims in America, I have to ask for compassion in return for Christians in Muslim countries. Isn’t that fair?

I really don’t care if people are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or whatever. That’s their business. But tell me that I have to place favoritism over somebody because of who they are. No.

The Holy Bible tells us not to give deference to a man simply because he is rich or if he is poor.



This is the most disgusting behavior I have ever seen. Most pathetic is the fact that nearly every American is the child or grandchild of someone who was run out of wherever they immigrated from (Europe), taken by force (Africa) or lived in fear of being hunted down and murdered (Native Americans). Now we visit the same hate on people that our forefathers suffered.

That was a nice bigoted remark! That really follows Jesus teachings!:confused: I am amazed that they kept your comment on the forum!!!

Very much to the point. I like it.:cool:

Discrimination is always wrong.

Yet Muslims demand what they are not willing to give, equal treatment.

This is a problem on the part of Muslims of a lack of mutual respect. How can this problem be solved? Seems that this is video shows an isolated incident.

To quote someone whom both Muslims and Christians appreciate: “Take the beam out of your own eye before trying to get the speck out of your neighbors.”

Absolutly disgusting.

Probably just leave, I wouldn’t want to get in a bad situation, however I would let him know that he had perminatly lost my buisness, and would be advising anyone I know to avoid the store

i would just leave too. people like that is a little nuts. besides, muslims are partly to blame for their reputation. they have to work harder to earn peoples trust.

You can worry about discrimination in America and still fight against terrorists who behead people.

What’s with the “Yet…”? You are taking an incident of discriminatin against a muslim and using it as a springboard to attack muslims.

Discrimination and acts of hatred against muslims are wrong.

Was this more disgusting than sawing a person’s head off and videotaping it, or putting dried faeces on chocolate cakes and selling them to nonbelievers, or Muslim cabbies refusing to transport blind persons because of the seeing eye dog? Muslims want respect, but they deny it to others.


I agree that its wrong. But its easier said than done. It would take a powerful sense of moral uprightness to treat a muslim with equal respect after you see how they confiscated bibles in Saudi Arabia the homeland of Islam. :rolleyes:

So when I see people who treat muslims with respect they get my :thumbsup:

When I see people give muslims their cold shoulder I :shrug:

But when I see people doing hate crimes to muslims then I :mad:

That was very disturbing.

I was dismayed that the majority said nothing.

As a person of faith I would by conscience have to say something and take my business elsewhere.

After 911 here in Portland there was a Middle Eastern restaurant across the street from where I am employed. We as a group organized with the building we have our offices in to patronize the restaurant each day for as long as we could…the Muslim owner was being boycotted…he eventually had to close…some of the best food in town…a business man closed down because of fear and hate and bigorty.


I’ve never had a muslim saw off my head or sell me filthy cake.

If someone posted a video of a Muslim doing any of these things and asked for your thoughts, I don’t think you’d say “It is terrible, but look at all the murders and persecutions of muslims in this country after 9/11…”

And so, I would think that after watching a video of an innocnent women being abused because of her religions beliefs, it would not be difficult to simply say “disgusting. It is an awful thing.”

Some Muslims do. Some Catholics deny respect to others too. Some Jews deny respect to others. Some Protestants do. Some Mormons certainly do. Some Whites do. Some Blacks do. Some lesbian daughters of one eyed Episcopal priests do.

In America, we are judged as individuals. American values have ideals like “all (wo)men created equal” and “congress shall make no law”. The shopkeeper apparently doesn’t understand that, and neither do you.

I certianly respect the Muslims I know more than a biggot such as yourself.

No more than it taken to not assume all black Americans are thugs because they are disproportionatly represented in the Jail population.

All it takes is the recognition that most people are generally good, that the actions of a minority do not represent the majority of that group, and to treat all people as you wish to be treated

I’m from a place where people mind there own business. Unless someones life is on the line I’m not getting involved…

It is disgusting reprehensible behavior, but unless someone innocent is getting physically hurt, I would mind my own business.

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