How would you respond to a survey about miracles?


Nearly 9 in 10 Americans believe miracles have occurred in the past and can still occur today, according to a new national survey.

While only 48 percent of those surveyed by N.J.-based HCD Research said miracle stories presented in religious texts should be taken as literally true, 86 percent said they believe that miracles have occurred in the past and 85 percent believe that they can occur today.
The new survey also found a slight majority (56 percent) of Americans claimed to have seen situations and circumstances with themselves, friends and/or family members which they consider to be “miraculous” or “unexplainable by science.”
“Modern people believe in miracles, but only more subtle ones,” commented the Rev. John McNeil, a Methodist minister and a blogger for HCD Research’s website


A Christian (whether Catholic or non-Catholic) must believe in miracles. Jesus performed many.


I think that miracles (albeit minor ones) happen regularly in my own life.

Certainly, I believe in miracles.


I believe in miracles without a doubt and I have also personally witnessed one. :slight_smile: Let’s just say that I have experienced a couple of Eucharistic miracles.

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