How would you respond to?


“It makes no sense to expect, good things to happen in life”

All things in life are temporary and will be broken. When something breaks say, “It makes sense, that it is broken which is the norm”




That is a VERY broad statement. A little more context would help.


All things will pass away time, matter, space, all of it will become nothingness. Yet those things that of the Spirit are eternal


Why not? Good things happen all the time. Bad things happen all the time too, but if you’re only focused on the bad you miss a lot of enjoyment in life. Yes things break but you can enjoy them until you can’t any more.

Not sure what this thread has to do with Sacred Scripture, which is the forum you posted in.




The first statement - it makes no sense to expect good things to happen - is just false. Our very existence is good, and other good things happen all the time. Births, weddings, rare steak, etc.

The second, that all things will break and we should expect that, is more or less true. We live in a fallen world, and we will all die, and at some point even the earth will be destroyed by the sun.

But physical things are not all things. So I think the takeaway is that physical things are transient, and so while there is nothing wrong with them or with enjoying them, it would make more sense to look to the things that last first. It demonstrates a need to prioritize what is truly important and lasting over what is transient, even if good.

Or in short: what does it profit a man to gain the whole world if he loses his soul?


“…what?” = my response.


Life is a good thing.


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