How would you restructure the federal safety net?

Let’s try not to get partisan here and focus on policy. Less about politics, more about policy? Ideas, not partisanship.

Mostly aimed at the US but I’d be cool with hearing about the intricacies of your country’s like systems in Europe. Are there any nuances like specific programs you’d do away with or at least cut while increasing funding to other programs?

How would you feel about funding streams to non-profit organizations or basically contracting out operations and programs to reputable charities like Faith Based Initiatives and Neighborhoods, wasn’t that an idea that would have had a ton of promise if scaled up like public private partnerships with non profits or collaboration (and ample grants) to the social sector? Another idea I like Promise Neighborhoods based off the Harlem Children’s Zone, what if this was an idea that President Obama could have done more with, on the other side of the coin, couldn’t Republicans have accept this program at least, if scaled up at a massive scale, wouldn’t the effects be promising (I read that the charter schools, not the community services correlated with higher test scores but what if the benefits are more long term and non tangible)? For example, imagine the possibilities if HCZ went nationwide in poor neighborhoods throughout the country like if the program received $180 billion or $240 billion a year, changes wouldn’t be immediate but imagine the effects in 20 years, wouldn’t it look promising at the very least?

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