How would you stop the decline in faith?


Across the Western World Catholicism is falling back in terms of the percentage of population that claim to be part of the faith. What would you do to arrest the decline and ultimately to increase numbers?


I would allow some exceptions to the rule, but generally, I would require that mostly all priests marry before ordination. Married Catholic families might then feel a stronger bond with their priest. And further, IMHO, I think that there would be fewer scandals, which are causing distress to many Catholics.


Married people abuse too.

  1. Married men commit abuse too. Also, it is not the responsibility of women to soak up the sexually violent tendencies of men. Believe it or not, it is possible to keep it in your pants.

  2. A priest’s salary is not enough to raise a family on. A lot of dioceses are strapped for cash and probably would not be able to afford priests who need to support a family.

  3. It would be really hard to balance family life with the duties of a priest.


For the OP, the answer is proper catechesis and practicing Catholics who are not afraid to be openly Catholic and dispel the myths out there.


How does that work in the Orthodox Church? After Divine Liturgy, and sometimes before, the wife of the priest greets everyone ( in the hall) which adds a nice personal touch after the liturgical celebration.

  1. I agree that married people abuse as well…BUT the RCC has an entirely celibate clergy which if I understand it correctly also includes masturbation. That’s a situation most humans (besides the Ace community) would struggle with, couple that with confessional seal and it’s a bomb waiting to go off.

As for your other points they’re fair but other churches do manage it.


I don’t know about the Orthodox Church, but a lot of Catholic priests are overworked.


I went to a Catholic state school for 12 years and I have no idea what catechise means in the context you mean it.


That’s because there are too few of them.


I could be wrong, but the Orthodox priest generally may have a second job besides being a priest.


Other churches have less sacrements and less services. The Catholic Church is radically different from most denominations. What works for other churches may not work for the Church.

Also, when people complain about priestly celibacy, they act as if it is imposed on the priest. The priest of his own free will chose to become a priest and everything that comes with it. What we need is to better screen out prospective priests who cannot handle that sort of lifestyle.


I know. That stems from a variety of reasons. Letting married men become priests won’t lead to the increase that is needed.


Catechize means that people are being taught the faith.


How do you know that it would not help? Further, with a married man, his wife is there to assist in many of the different things that come up from time to time.


The pay is low and there are many functions that a priest has to perform that only a priest can do. A wife can’t help him hear confessions, celebrate the mass, etc.


I’m not convinced that drawing the priesthood from only half of the Ace community is going to lead to an increase in numbers. I can’t think of any other group that would be comfortable commiting to a vow like that.


Ah right, I thought it was something to do with the Catechism which I also hadn’t heard of before I started to frequent this forum.


According to the Catholic faith is increasing in all parts of the world, except Europe (due to its low birth rate). Actual numbers worldwide for the last 150 years are steady at 17% of population.

Passing on the faith to our children is most important, being faithful ourselves, sharing our faith, welcoming newcomers, helping the poor, caring for the sick … everything Jesus taught us really.


Keep evangelizing, keep supporting GOOD HOLY DEVOUT clergy and just keep praying and MOST IMPORTANT living your Faith. The outside world should see that you are a devout practicing Catholic by the kind of life you live.

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