How would you sum up Christ's message in 20 words or less to a stranger?


I am not a fool. I need all of Christ’s words, but I take only His words as divine. Not mortal words, not mortal interpretations of his words. Those are “teachings” and teachings are always fraught with human opinions and biases. Any teaching that is not verbatim from Christ, I will listen to and consider, but not follow slavishly.


That’s good! Now, who should we evangelize w this???
In Christ’s love


I am sorry then. I thought you are one of those minimal essential Christians.

For starters, then you must be baptized Christian and receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Good for you then.


You seem to have found the Essence of the Gospel,
Love and Salvation, nevertheless He left us w/ the
Church, which is His Body on earth(and in heaven),
so we have a dilemma here. Who do we be loyal to?
Church teaching or Christ’s teaching? No need to
ponder, Church teaching is part of what Christ meant
by “build My Church” in Matt. 16:18.


But Christ is God. He can delegate some things to the Church, but the Church can never be God. It cannot stand co-equal with Him. The pope and combined bishops may be His successors on Earth, but they are not God either. They are mortal men and therefore imperfect. When they die, they die and they get buried. They don’t ascend into Heaven.

I see the Church as vehicle to bring me closer to God. I do not see God as a rationale for me worshipping the Church. That is just crazy.


I don’t disagree. But I respectfully submit to you that a virtuous pagan would say the exact same thing, no? Am I missing the point?


You confuse the term “church” as an institution, by
Church, I mean the Body of Believers in Christ who
WILL join Him as a Bride at the Wedding feast of
the Lamb!!


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