How'd March for Life go?


Like the title says :slight_smile:


Beautiful weather (sunny, mild, not a cloud in the sky).

Lots of dedicated people there, and I love seeing all the young people!

A sense of urgency, given the new administration — you could tell that a lot of us were wondering whether all our efforts over the previous years are about to be undone.

One small criticism — the speeches before the March began were excellent but went on much too long, and the March itself started late as usual (and later than usual), and there was a big logjam for the marchers trying to get onto the March route. Those of us who had made a day trip by bus and had to get to the Basilica to meet our buses by 4:30 couldn’t even finish the March (we had to cut off the route early). One of these years I would like the luxury of actually making it to the end of the March and having time to listen to the Silent No More women at the end of the route. As it is, we’re always forced to leave because things are running late and we don’t have time.

By the way, has anyone seen a head count for this year’s March reported anywhere?



This was my first march and I was overwhelmed! Just seeing and being a part of a group so huge that had a common goal was incredible. I loved seeing all of the Religious around. It truly was a moving experience and I will definitely take part again next year.

According to the USA Today, there were “thousands” that marched…quite the understatement. Some Catholic web sites I visited put the number around two hundred thousand, which I honestly think is a VERY low estimate. When we marched toward Capitol Hill, there was a sea of humanity in front of us. When we got near the top of the hill, there was a sea of humanity behind us. It was utterly amazing.


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