How's the weather y'all?


Here it’s about six degrees Celsius, 43 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is raining, and will rain until Saturday morning. There’s a slight chance of snow, but I’m not counting on it. Up in the mountains though, I would not doubt it. How’s the weather where y’all at are at?


Here in the middle South we dipped to 28. That’s cold. No snow in the forecast thankfully.


66.2 F today,windy and chance of rain.Not like our normal summer at all,but I’m not complaining!:slight_smile: Secretly hoping our climate will change from dry to humid year by year :face_with_monocle:


I live in South Carolina, the Carolinas are mainly humid subtropical, but in some of the higher elevations, it could be considered subalpine climates. Cold and rainy is actually my type of weather though.


It’s supposed to get a bit colder here in Carolina, and the highs aren’t going to be but in the 40s.


Reporting in from Iowa; It is 17 degrees F currently with 7MPH wind.

Send some warmth this way!~


No kidding? I was born in Davenport, I lived in the Quad City area for some years. I know it can get cold up there, when I lived in Rock Island, they cancelled school because it got to -15 degrees Fahrenheit, and the pipes had burst.


Yes. Here in Good ole’ North Liberty Iowa (Near Iowa City) I help supervise recess during lunch at an elementary school District policy is kids go outside until it reaches below 0 weather with the wind chill!~

My cousin in Florida couldn’t believe me and I showed it to her on the District Site. She said she’d be frozen at that time.

So yes, it can get cold here!~


I’ve lived in the South so long, but by this point, 42 degrees Fahrenheit and rainy, is freezing to me. That’s okay I’m not complaining, because it could be worse I could still live in the Midwest. :stuck_out_tongue:


You lucky duck, you escaped. :slight_smile:


Not by choice. I came down here at about 13, (although I had lived down here briefly a couple of years before) because my Grandma and Grandpa had moved down here, to take care of my great Grandma. She died, then we stayed down because of my grandparents, Grandma died first, then, a few years later, Grandpa died. My brother, his wife, and his kids live in what was originally my great grandma’s house. That said,my mother wants to go back to the QC area, I do not. She seems very angry at this fact. Keep in mind, I don’t handle cold weather very well. I remember living in Kewanee, Illinois as a child, and I would have headaches for weeks at a time during the winter. I missed quite a bit of school. There are things I like about the midwest, but the weather in the winter is not one of those things. Also, the hottest weather I’ve ever been in is in Illinois, not here in the south. Not sure why people don’t seem to know that there are four seasons in most parts of the midwest. I’m fine with our average of one snowfall a year. The ice storms are horrible though.


It was in the 80’s earlier this week. This morning it was 21. Brr!


30F currently. We’re to get up to 38F by 3pm. My toes are like popsicles even tho we have the heat on. Would cover the AC vents. But this is supposed to be out of here quickly. So will try to grin and bear it.


That sounds like the weather where I live. It doesn’t just change over a period of a few days. One day is nice and warm and sunny, the next, it’s rainy and cold. Cold, rainy weather, is actually my favourite. I like to go for walks but I have exercise equipment in my house to make up for it when it’s nasty out. I like this kind of weather because it gives me a reason to be productive. Sometimes I use it to study French or read a book, or write.


According to the all knowing interweb, the high is going to be 42. It is already 41. Stay warm.


The variety is nice-- better than a solid 3 or 4 months of Cold and Gray and Dreary. :slight_smile: I remember one year we had Christmas in T-shirts, and two days later, there was snow. :stuck_out_tongue: But still, having to deal with a 60-degree drop between one day and another is a pretty rough drop, especially for people prone to weather headaches. :frowning:

Enjoy your coziness and stay warm! :slight_smile:


I got to go to Mass before too long, so I can’t stay in the house all day. That said, I know where to go before and after Mass to get free coffee. There’s a store near here that has it. That is smart business. I’ve already had some coffee, but I can always have more.


Thanks. I’m trying. I’ve been under the covers all day. I’ve only ventured out long enough to make soup and cocoa.


I just drank 2 cups of coffee at said free coffee store I mentioned. Was doing a little bit of Christmas browsing. I walked across the parking lot, and I probably shouldn’t have, because it soaked my socks because of how rainy it is.


I live in Michigan and I hate the cold winters that us Michigan people have I wish I live somewhere warm

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