Hoyos to Fellay: Go and fight Modernism

This is from an interview with Bishop Bernard Fellay, the Superior General of the SSPX. It can be seen here.

*Q: After your initial meeting with Cardinal Castrillón and two other Society of St. Pius X bishops in 2000, you were quoted as saying that **Cardinal Castrillón requested the Society to continue in its battle against Modernism within the Church.
***Do you still foresee this as being a primary mission and mandate of the Society, assuming the excommunications are eventually lifted and full canonical regularization is achieved?

A: I don’t think the Church is willing to give us such a mandate. The Church does not want to look at things in terms of “battle” and “fight,” but instead as “unity.” So I don’t think they will ever say, “Go and fight modernism. Go and fight liberalism.”

More than that, I think the present Pope would be in the other camp. This is very clear for example in the question of the relations between Church and State. So I don’t expect that from him. We do definitely see that in terms of Divine Providence. We do see that we are in this very big fight.

But to say this will be a mandate coming from the Holy See? No, I don’t see that happening.

Q: But am I correct that Cardinal Castrillón had said that to the Society bishops in the past?

A: Yes, sure. But what do they mean? It is the whole problem. It is the whole problem with the perception of the whole crisis. We see in it something that goes down to the roots. They see it as something as only superficial.

They certainly want our help and our services, but their perception of how deep does it go is totally different from our position.

Yes yes, I know this is not official or a dogma or anything :rolleyes:, but it is interesting that Cardinal Hoyos sees that the church has not rid itself of the modernist heresy, as some would have you believe.

Come on, where are all those people who think Pius X crushed modernism, and we’re now in a new springtime?

I dont know who your talking to. NOBODY has said modernism has/had been crushed, infact it was only getting worse as time went on. More Catholics are waking up but thats not the same as modernism being “crushed” nor does it appear to be in the future.

I don"t know if it is “legal” to do this on this thread but if isn’t I apologize in advance.

If anyone wants to see “Catholic” modernists in action check out www.beliefnet.com

Click on " debate and critism" and then go to Catholic debate.

It will really test your apologetic skills.

I’m really very disgusted by what I read. Incredible.

there is no “debate and cristicism” button

Modernism being crushed by Pius X certainly isn’t my opinion. :wink: Perhaps this forum is more orthodox than I thought.

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