HPV Vaccine Causes 21 Deaths and Counting - CDC Study Launched

By Tim WaggonerOTTAWA, August 14, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Critics say that the reasons to avoid using the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, continue to pile up in the form of thousands of instances of severe side effects, including numerous deaths. In response to the mounting evidence that the…

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More lies. The article is sketchy on details, but just because 21 deaths were reported to VAERS, doesn’t mean the vaccine was a factor in a single death. VAERS is only a collection of adverse events reported after someone receives a vaccine. It doesn’t equate to causation or even correlation.

Either way, the push for HPV vaccines is awful. It is truly a result of teaching our kids that sex is ok as long as you use a condom. Condoms offer no protection against HPV, which is spread by skin to skin contact. The outbreak of HPV is directly related to this flawed teaching and rather than teach abstinence, society says, well we’ll just force kids to get vaccinations.

More than anything, I think this is irresponsible science and medicine to give these shots out to children when all the side effects are not known. I’ve heard about enough reactions to these shots to make me cringe at the thought of putting that in my body, let alone my children’s bodies.

I think it’s another case of the secular world wishing for solutions to sexual problems and ignoring good science to make it so.

For all of you with children…God Bless them.
If you can avoid an illness, why not? Do you really think that the Lord God would smote your children?


Absolutely! So teach abstinence. You get HPV by skin to skin sexual contact. Refraining from sex will avoid the illness. It is no accident that HPV is ragin out of control the past decade in the aftermath of the “safe sex” educational campaign.

Would you teach your kids it’s ok to drink and drive as long as you wear your seatbelt?

one of the side effects of the HPV is paralysis with guillain-barre. they said there have been 6 cases. i got guillain-barre when i was 6 years old in 1958 after a DPT booster. i think the fewer vaccines you have in your lifetime, the better off you are. i cannot believe the number of vaccines given now throughout a child’s life. the pharmaceutical companies are making money and people get these vaccines thinking that they are doing something good for themselves. every year they push the flu vaccines and even though i believe there is a certain portion of our population that needs it, i don’t feel it is necessary for everyone to get it. i think it is very dangerous that this HPV vaccines is targeting young girls.

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