HRC paid $7K less than Snooki for Rutgers speech

In a lifetime of indignities — Bill and Monica; losing the Presidential election to a reality television star; that unfortunate India incident a few weeks ago when she fell down the steps (twice), lost her shoe, and later slipped in the hotel bathtub and fractured her wrist — is there anything worse than being paid $7K less than a woman who made her name blacking out on reality television and referring to herself as a “meatball"?

Thanks for the article, that gives an indication that six-figure speaking fees are not out ot the mainstream.
Not sure why HRC took the gig at that fee, but I know that speakers with big fees will often discount their usual fee - even ten-fold - for an event that they want to do.

According to the article the money for Snooki and the money for Hillary came from different sources. At universities, different funding sources have different constraints. My guess is that the money for snooki came out of the student affairs office and they seem to have fewer constraints.

Where did you see this?

Wow, wasn’t she getting $250-500k when she had political power?

Naw, this doesn’t indicate pay for play before.

It plainly doesn’t.
In reading the article, you would note tat fact, that I already called attention to, that many high-profile speakers get six-figure speaker fees. It is interesting that HRC accepted this opportunity essentially waving her fee; the reasons for it are not at clear. But there is no honest reason to surmise that it is simply market, or a maninfest that prior fees were corruptly inflated.

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This is just from my experience working at universities.

So you don’t really know why compensation was set where it was at?

In this situation, no. I didn’t mean to imply I did about the specific case.


Your statement:

Indicates you had some knowledge of this specific case.

I was talking generally.

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