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I wonder if Fr. Martin has considered the Episcopal communion? Would that not be a sort of paradise for him?


He wouldn’t have the bully pulpit he has in the Catholic Church. Though he seems bent on transforming the RCC into a Romanized version of the Episcopal “church.”


Full disclosure: there are still Episcopal communions which have not embraced the teachings he promotes.


Yes, I suppose that’s true. And frightening.

A few examples:

Professor Peter Kreeft cannot preach.
Dr. Scott Hahn cannot preach.
Dr. David Anders cannot preach.

For that matter, Saint Thomas More could not preach!

OK, so where’s the rank discrimination?


All three are allowed to preach (as are women) OUTSIDE of Mass and they do.

Preaching shouldn’t be confined to only at a Mass.

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What I’m sayin’!

We are all a royal priesthood.

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Benefit of the doubt: My first impression of Fr. Martin was that he presented exactly half of the Gospel. If he has a further, or additional agendas, time for a superior to have a heart-to-heart with him.

Since we are not his superior, we can pray.

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