The first tell-tell sign is when you have more votes in a Habersham County precinct than you have registered voters. That is going to be really hard to explain.

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Voter fraud may be a bigger problem then we realize.

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Thanks for posting some of these stories
Cathoholic. Two of the articles I wanted to start a thread on, but I couldn’t remember the source. I have been concerned about voter fraud for a very long time.

I am really getting tired of celebrities putting in their two cents and trashing

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Last time there was a death in your family, as you were settling the affairs, did you notify the County Voter Registrar?

If you lived at home and voted then moved away after College, did you remember to call and remove your old voter record?

Often people assume the county voter office has a large staff and a generous budget and they are able to research each person on the rolls. That is rarely the case.

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TheLittleLady . . .

Last time there was a death in your family, as you were settling the affairs, did you notify the County Voter Registrar?

There are 170 “registered voters” here over age one hundred and sixteen! (in the article I initially referenced)

Do you REALLY think this is all about forgetting to notify the registrar?

If you think that the “death in the family” argument is my line of thought, then you are missing the point.

The point is, these registrations NEED to be cleaned up.

And “uncleaned up” they are at least remain a POTENTIAL source of election irregularities if not outright voter fraud.

And I stand by that.

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That would mean there are 46 voters over the age of 70.

or 36 voters over the age of 80.

Do I think that 30 voters who were somewhere over the age of 80 died in one county in a given 2 year period? (assuming elections every 2 years).

That leaves 140 people, or 70 people per year, to die who are under the age of 80 OR who simply moved and never changed their voter registration.

CAF Godwin’s Law! By the fourth post!

It never fails.

Did you read the rest of my post?

Saying that it should be cleaned up? Have you volunteered with your local election commission? I am sure they would welcome the extra hands.

Just in case you missed the link, this if FAKE news.

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