I got into an argument with a Catholic catechist on another forum and he directed me here. He was arguing that the Latter-Day Saints are not a genuine religion because the writings from their Book of Mormon weren’t found until after the death of the last apostle, and thus they were invalid teachings of the Church. Feel free to pick up the discussion where he ended it.

Do you mean Christian religion?

While they doctrine may seem strange we don’t know what is in peoples hearts. Only God knows this. We must stop this fighting about who is right and who is wrong. Does God love them less?


Saying they aren’t a RELIGION is just ridiculous. Clearly they are a religion.

Saying they aren’t a CATHOLIC religion is objective truth.

Saying they aren’t a CHRISTIAN religion is a bit more tricky. If one uses a more narrow definition of “Christian religion” to mean “validly baptized trinitarian monotheists who worship Jesus as the Son of God,” then no they aren’t Christian. But if one defines “Christian religion” more broadly to mean “a monotheist who venerates Jesus of Nazareth, accepts the New Testament as Scripture, and tries to live the teachings of Jesus” then they most certainly ARE Christians.

Personally, I would classify the LDS as a “non-Catholic Protestant Christian religion.”


Actually, they’re more of a Restoration than a Protestant, because most of their teachings line up with those of the Catholic faith.

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No, he just said they weren’t a genuine religion, his words were that my argument was fantasy.

Restorationism is an offshoot of Protestantism.

All Christians fall into one of three categories: Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant.

If you’re not Catholic or Orthodox yet you are Christian, you’re a Protestant. Or at the very least, a product of Protestantism…

Every religious demographer would agree with me.

I thought Protestants were a product of Catholicism!

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You have a point…

I suppose they could say “we are sons of Protestants who are sons of Catholics.”

Religion is a funny thing.

I agree, religion is a funny thing, however, true Christianity is serious.

Define “Christian.”




  1. the religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, or its beliefs and practices.

Mormons still follow the teachings of Jesus, therefore they are Christian.

  • Christian quality or character.

“his Christianity sustained him”


Well then they aren’t Christians using that definition.

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Using that definition I would say they are Christians.

That’s the definition of Catholic

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Uhh Muslims don’t believe in Jesus

Mormon baptism is invalid in other churches, yes, I’m well aware.

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I think Tim Staples says they’re not Christian in that video.

Well then Tim Staples is wrong, because the definition of Christianity is a faith that believes in Jesus, and LDS believe in Jesus.

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