Hubby and I are now officially Melkite Greek Catholic


We attended my third and his first Melkite service on Sunday, August 2. We liked it so much we decided to attend for Holy Transfiguration (Thursday, August 6). We got to talking to other young adults at the dinner afterwards.

Well, I asked how to become members of the parish. (Honestly, hubby and I never became members of a parish together, after we were married. We kept our parish as the one where we got married. Although we rarely attended Mass there. I kept wanting to find the “right fit” for us. We just went to different Roman services in the diocese.) We were told to fill out a form, which is available in the narthex. We did. I filled it out right there on the spot and handed it in to the appropriate person! :slight_smile:

I also decided to try the Fast for the Holy Dormition. It isn’t too hard at all. I slipped once, had some apple bacon hubby was making for me. (Hubby isn’t doing this fast, which is fine.) We are going to attend Paraklesis, too. Maybe not Monday, b/c hubby might work late. But definitely on Wednesday! :slight_smile:

Thank you to all who prayed for me when I requested prayers a few months ago!


Congratulations to you for finding a church where you feel at home. That is a good thing. Deo gratias!

However, I don’t think it’s quite as easy to become Melkite as you seem to think. Technically speaking, it is impossible to switch rites without permission of the Apostolic See. You are free to attend the Melkite liturgy, and also to join the parish, perhaps, but in fact you remain Catholics of the Latin rite in a Melkite parish.

There have been threads on the subject of petitioning for change of rite.

You can also see the relevant canons of East and West at


One thing–joining a Melkite (or other Eastern) parish does not make you officially a Melkite.

To become officially a Melkite, you must officially change sui juris church enrollments, not “rites,” as ppeter wrongly put it.

Next, also contrary to what ppeter said, it does not take the permission of the Apostolic See to change sui juris church enrollments. While there is some paperwork, it’s handled by (in this case) local Latin bishop and Melkite Eparch, Abp. Cyril. It need not go to Rome at all.

BTW, I’ve found the local Melkite parish to be the healthiest spiritual enviornment I’ve known.


Interesting, last night some parishoners told me that we are Melkite now that we joined the parish.

Well, more correctly, we are now official parishoners of a Melkite Church.

I am familiar with the petitioning. We aren’t going to do that just yet. And obviously we are going to speak with our pastor first. But, we were told petition the Melkite bishop and he writes to our Latin bishop and it is worked out that way. Sure, there is paperwork. But there was paperwork involved when we were getting married in the Latin rite. (Gathering baptismal/confirmation papers, affidavits, etc.)


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