Hubby away, the girls and I are off to New York City!

My girls (16 and 21) and I are spending Sunday in NYC. We have tickets for the NBC Studio tour and gift cards we plan to use at Macy’s.

Oldest dd wants to buy jewelry at Tiffanys. We’ll also take our picture in Times Square, visit the NY Public Library and stop in St. Patricks.

The girls have been to NYC, but it’s my first time!

Have fun. :slight_smile:

Have fun!
Hope the weather holds out for you guys:)

Although it is not Catholic buy Episcopalian, the church of St. Thomas, across the street from St Patrick, has an awesome vespers service on Sunday evenings. You would not know you were not in a Catholic Church since the church is full of statues, icons, including the Blessed Mother.

I was in NYC 2 weeks ago. The crowds are unbelieveable at this time, I could barely move. A little advice…dont go to rockefeller center unless you’re prepared to invest the time getting in and out lol

Lucky girls! I hope you have a great time…and maybe try to squeeze in an off Broadway show while there–The Fantastiks is the longest running off broadway show. I grew up in Joisey, and went into the city quite a bit as a kid…it was a blast!

Have a great time, and tell us all about it when you are back…k?:slight_smile:

Where you one of those gals that cut class/school and caught mass trans in to the city:D :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: No! But, my family and I would go into the city a lot…it was fun…nice memories.

Actually–believe it or not–I was always too afraid to cut class, so I never did. :blush:

Ah, you where one of “those” Jersey girls:D :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

:smiley: It’s funny, I moved away 20 years ago…but what is that saying…you can take the girl out of Joisey, but you can’t take the Joisey out of the girl?:wink: I grew up in Bergen County…have u heard of it?:slight_smile:


[quote=] I grew up in Bergen County…have u heard of it?:slight_smile:

I live in Bergen County, lucky me:rolleyes:
Exit 18 off the Turnpike;)

what? no way. Where? I lived in Demarest…grew up in Norwood. Still sleepy little towns, with very little going on, but safe and I still call them home.:slight_smile:

Our chiropractor lives in Norwood:thumbsup: awesome guy.
I tried to PM you (your mail box is full chicky) with the exact town, but for reference I live south of Norwood…at the end of RT 80

:eek: the world is too small, i tell ya.:wink:
Ya know, your posts have a spunk to them…I have always thought to myself when reading…she writes like she is from Joisey, but never wanted to say out of fear of being way wrong! hahaha So, there ya have it. :smiley: I have always loved the bluntness of us New Joisey-ans.:slight_smile:

:smiley: LOL!
Thanks WG…I think;)

I’m from NJ…born and raised…so, it’s a compliment. hee hee:D Takes one to understand one…:smiley: :wink:

I have been away for many moons now…and living in PA showed me how blunt we all really are there. ha I used to have NJ as a sales territory a few years ago, and wow, I forgot how blunt we can be.:o I think living there, I thought–everyone is like this, but when you move away, you realize…no, people are a bit more relaxed elsewhere. :stuck_out_tongue: Nice chatting with you, wife! I bet it’s cold there, right about now.:o


BLUNT:eek: Nah more like tell it like it is dont sugar coat it:D
but definitely not BLUNT!:stuck_out_tongue:

NOT COLD AT ALL( thanks be to God)
and it has been a pleasure chatting with you WG

NYC was fun. The tour of NBC Studios was great. We sat in the studios where Conan O’Brien and SNL are done :slight_smile: .

We attempted to shop at Macy’s but it was WAY too crowded to enjoy shopping. I got a nice shot of the girls in Times Square.

Hubby and I may visit NYC for Mother’s Day. If so, I want to go to the MET. —KCT

I’m so happy your trip went well! Great news!:slight_smile: Did you go to Tiffany’s? Hmmmm???:hmmm:

Yes! Oldest dd bought a bracelet there :slight_smile: . —KCT

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