Hubby back at work today


I literally only have a few seconds to type this. Surprise, hubby was due back yesterday instead of the 18th like we thought. So here I am alone with lily for the first time,please pray!



I know this transition will be hard for you…

What a total blessing he’s been able to be home with you for SO LONG!.. consider yourself very lucky in today’s world!
(My hubby was only able to stay home for about one week after both my boys were born… such is life!)…

You’ll be in my prayers… you’ll do FINE! :smiley:


You’ll do fine, Malia. Just don’t push the non-essentials. Take care of Lily, not the house. And remember to pray! A simple “Jesus help me!” can do wonders!


I’ll be praying for you, and I also have faith that you are stronger than you think. Good luck today!


I’ll be praying for you Malia! If you have a very stressful day today, be not afraid! The first few days of being “home alone” with a new baby can feel overwhelming, but it really does get better. I also find in my own life that Mondays or the first day after hubby goes back to work after being home for a while are usually much harder. I’ll pray for you to have a good day, but if it’s rough, don’t expect it to be like this tomorrow and the next day too :slight_smile:


Praying for you!

If you think of it, take a moment to pray for me, too.



I know you have been preparing for this day for a long time. You’ll do great, and I will pray that this transition isn’t as stressful as you fear. Hugs to you!

Krisy :slight_smile:


I have found that my “imagination” is waaayyyyy worse that what actually happens. I have learned that to relax and leave things in God’s hands!! (took a looonnngg time to learn that one!!lol) You were so very lucky to have your dh home for so long. Have faith and trust your God given momma insticnts (sp) and you will be great!!!


praying for you my dear… i am sure you will do perfectly fine… God Bless you :thumbsup:


Prayers for you Malia!! You’ve gotten great input: take care of Lily, let the housework, meal prep, etc. slide and know that it does get easier!

God bless you!!


Malia, I will be praying for you too… You will be fine, just trust…


Malia, how long did your husband get leave time? Just curious…



You have my prayers:hug1:

Take it easy, if you have to fix dinner, make it something simple. Keep the amount of housework you do to a minimum and enjoy Lily all to yourself now!

Brenda V.


Prayers for you. Let us know how it went. I’m thinking it was better this way–for him to go back unexpectedly, because you didn’t have time to fret and worry about it!!!

God bless,


good point… :thumbsup:

God does work for the best… :slight_smile:


It will go great!

My hubby only took the next day off and then had to go back after our second was born. I was terrified about it, alnoe with a baby and toddler while trying to recover. We survived and you will to.


I know this is late but I’m sure you’ll do great.

Just relax. They can sense fear! :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, After I had my second, my husband went back to work the day he was born. My mom came to my house every day to help with the kids. But she got there later and later every morning. I think she did it on purpose so I would have to struggle a little bit at a time and find my way with 2 kids instead of one. Then at 2 weeks post partum, she said she wasn’t going to come up there anymore. So I packed up my kids a few times a week and drove to her house. :o


:rotfl: Sometimes I half think that’s the truth… :wink:


Sorry, just saw this.

Prayers may be a little late. But here goes anyway.

:signofcross: :gopray2: :gopray2: :signofcross:


Just remember to keep breathing - and I agree with focusing on the essentials :thumbsup:

Prayers for you. :hug3:

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