Hubby got called back to work!


Hubby just got called back to work from the company he was laid off from last September! We are so excited and a bit in shock because we didn’t expect his company to survive these economic times. It’s just such a relief after many stressful months of financial distress. God is so good!


Praise God!


Praise him:):):):):slight_smile:


Great news! I’m happy for your family.


Thank the Lord… that’s wonderful news! :slight_smile:
Congratulations to your family!


Congratulations! I am worried about my job too. Just curious, what line of work is your hubby in? Trying to assess the economy…


Truly awesome news, rayne…prayers pay off! God bless, so happy for you guys! :slight_smile:


It should be quite good for his self-esteem. The fact that they called him back means that he was a good employee and that they let him go only for purely financial reasons. :thumbsup:


Praise the Lord! What wonderful news!



Thanks! Hubby is a good worker but he’s also in a union shop so they are required to call back the guys in the order of seniority (which my hubby actually didn’t have that much-he’d only been there 3 years) -it’s part of the contract. They must have had a major turn around because he is going back with overtime shifts right now.


He works for a shop that supplies small steel (or brass) parts to the auto industry, airlines and others. We’re really in shock because just didn’t think the company was going to make it.


I am so happy to hear that! I have been wondering how things were going for you all. I was having computer problems for a while… finally resolved. I have to have my computer. I am lost without it.:slight_smile:


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